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"Come and get dirty with us!"

The Ozark Trail Association offers many work events throughout the year. On some outings we work on creating new trail. Some events are focused on maintaining existing trail: if you clear a patch of ground in Missouri and leave it for a few weeks, it quickly becomes overgrown again.

And since we live in a state where thunderstorms and high winds are frequent, we organize events that include certified chainsaw operators clearing downed trees and other debris blocking the trail. You can help here by acting as a "swamper" and removing the material cut by the sawyers. If you are so inclined, you can become a certified sawyer yourself, qualified to safely operate a chainsaw and help us in this vital job to keep the OT open and accessible.

Among our annual work events: the Winona Weekend, held in Winona, Missouri, each spring with accommodations at the U.S. Forest Service bunkhouse, and our fall Courtois Cook-Off: bring along your favorite recipe to share after trail building.

Volunteers are invited to join us. To learn about upcoming events and to register, visit our events page.