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An important part of maintaining the Ozark Trail is the continuing need to remove damage from fallen trees (deadfall) and other debris that collects on the trail as a result of wind, storms and nature in general. Since using a chainsaw along the Ozark Trail requires certification, and to assist our volunteers in preparing to operate a chainsaw safely, the OTA occasionally offers an opportunity to acquire Sawyer Certification through the U.S. Forest Service.

The certification is a structured course in using chainsaws with all protective equipment, procedures and precautions necessary to keep safe while effectively removing trees, branches and heavier material blocking the trail.

After you've completed your certification, you will be able to participate in the ongoing process of keeping the Ozark Trail safe, clear of trees, and accessible for all its users. And you get the bonus of firing up a chainsaw to impress your trail friends!

We have and can make available all the equipment a sawyer will need to help out, or you can purchase and use your own gear. To learn about upcoming sawyer events and to register, visit our events page. If you're interested in sawyer certification, please contact us.