Recognition and Incentives

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Volunteers play an integral role in the Ozark Trail Association. The Volunteer Recognition and Incentive Program honors dedicated volunteers for their tireless efforts to develop, maintain, preserve, promote and protect the rugged, natural beauty of the Ozark Trail.

Trail Builder Award:

The Trail Builder Award will be issued to any individual who attends one or more Construction & Maintenance (C&M) events.

The Trail Builder Award is cumulative in the following fashion:

  • For the first C&M Event receive a Trail Builder sticker and OTA-branded water bottle
  • For the fifth C&M Event receive an OTA-branded LED headlamp
  • For the tenth C&M Event receive an OTA-branded green stainless steel water bottle

The first-time awards will be presented at the outing. Subsequent awards may be passed out at an outing or may be mailed to the individual.

Red Jacket Award:

The Red Jacket Award recognizes volunteers who keep coming out time after time to work on the trail. Red Jackets awardees for each year will be determined in the month of June. The jackets will normally be presented during a Fall Mega Event,

To earn the Red Jacket award the volunteer must be:

  • A member in good standing of the Ozark Trail Association
  • Have attended a minimum of 25 Construction & Maintenance events

Award Program FAQS:

What qualifies as a Construction & Maintenance (C&M) event?
A qualified construction and maintenance event is a scheduled event led by a trained Crew Leader of the Ozark Trail Association. These are typically events where more than 5 people attend.

What does NOT qualify as a Construction & Maintenance Event?
The following types of outings do not count as a C&M event: Adopt-A-Trail visits, dedicated sawyer visits (unless scheduled as a weekend event), meetings, or other support work. For details on a specific event, send an email to the OTA Volunteer Coordinator,

How do I find out how many events I have on record?
For C&M Events send an email to the OTA Volunteer Coordinator,
For Adopt-A-Trail status send a email to the AAT Coordinator,

Additional Awards and Incentives are in development.