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Courtois Hike-and-Float
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0 Start at Bass River Resort Trailhead. (directions)
You MUST check-in with Bass River Resort if you plan on using this lot for trail access.
Bass River Resort Trailhead to Lower Narrows Rd Crossing - 1.3 miles
0 Bass River Resort. Canoe outfitter with campground, cabins, store, parking. 
1.3 Road crossing - Lower Narrows Rd 
Lower Narrows Rd Crossing to Lower Narrows Trailhead - 3.6 miles
1.6 Pool of water below riffles. Fairly reliable water source. 
1.8 Small wet-season waterfall with many mossy rocks 
2.2 Pipeline road 
3.1 Road crossing - Barn Rd 
4.4 Great bluff top overlooking the Huzzah valley 
4.9 Look for the Trailhead kiosk on your left, then then take the road down towards Courtois Creek.
Lower Narrows Trailhead to Little St Louis Campground - 2.7 miles
5.4 End of multi-use trail. Bike and horse travel not allowed on trail in Huzzah C.A. (this is an MDC directive and has nothing to do with the OTA)
6.1 Sharp turn to the left from double-track road to trail.
7.3 Large opening at the gated Bat Cave. There was a shooting here in the 1870s over a disagreement at a poker game. 
7.4 Courtois Creek crossing. This is a 'wet crossing' with water depth normally 6 inches to 2 feet deep. This area is prone to flash flooding. During spring rains the creek may not be passable for days. 
7.6 As you enter the campground, take the road to the right. Continue past the kiosk toward the creek, and pick up the trail again between the creek and the bluffs.
Little St Louis Campground to Onondaga Trailhead - 5 miles
7.8 The trail passes at the bottom of limestone bluffs and next to the crystal-clear Courtois Creek. Lots of nooks to explore, too. 
9.3 Going South to North, watch for this sharp turn off double-track to single track. Easy to miss
10 Social trail turn-off the Ozark Trail to the southwest for visiting the ruins of the old Scotia Ironworks smelter, built in 1870. Smelter is 500' or so south of trail. 
10.8 Road crossing - Scotia Ranch Rd 
12 Road crossing - Cave Rd.  
12.6 End at Onondaga Trailhead. (directions)
The Onondaga trailhead has room for 1-2 vehicles. An alternate trailhead is at Ozark Outdoors; please register at the office to see if parking is available.
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