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Bell Mountain (north lot to Highway A)
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0 Start at Highway A Trailhead. (directions)
Highway A Trailhead. Located across from the Bell Mountain Wilderness sign.
Highway A Trailhead to Highway A Trailhead Connector - 0.1 miles
0.1 Follow a short connector trail north from the parking lot then make a right, crossing Highway A at the sign to the Bell Mountain Wildnerness.
Highway A Trailhead Connector to Bell Mountain Trail Turn-Off - 2.1 miles
0.6 This low glade is found at a switchback on the trail. If you have some time you can explore to the south for excellent views of Ottery Creek valley. 
0.7 Nice valley view, especially a bit off-trail to the south 
1.5 There is a small trickle of water here for most of the year that feeds a diverse growth of flowers and grasses. A good resting spot with scenic views of the valley. 
1.6 Occasional water. Dry much of the year. 
2.1 Make a left onto the Bell Mountain trail. There is a wood sign indicating the turn.
Bell Mountain Trail Turn-Off to Joe's Creek South Connector - 1.1 miles
3.2 Pass Joes Creek turn-off and continue along the ridge to the summit.
Joe's Creek South Connector to Bell Mountain Peak - 1.6 miles
3.4 A stock pond can be found on the south side of the trail. 
4.8 Stop for a second and take in the view from the top of Bell Mountain.
Bell Mountain Peak to Joe's Creek North Connector - 1.3 miles
4.9 Along the north ridge of the summit you'll find several informal paths that lead east to glades overlooking the St. Francis Mountains. Definitely a five-star view! 
5.1 Open glades that look for miles to the west-- a great spot to catch a beautiful sunset. 
6 Continue straight past the Joes Creek turn-off toward the trailhead.
Joe's Creek North Connector to North Bell Trailhead - 2.4 miles
8.4 End at North Bell Trailhead. (directions)
North Bell Trailhead. About 1.8 miles down a gravel road off Highway A. Lot is on right and is signed.
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