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Bell Mountain (north lot to Highway A)
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0 Start at North Bell Trailhead. (directions)
North Bell Trailhead. About 1.8 miles down a gravel road off Highway A. Lot is on right and is signed.
North Bell Trailhead to Joe's Creek North Connector - 2.4 miles
2.4 Continue straight past the Joes Creek turn-off toward the summit.
Joe's Creek North Connector to Bell Mountain Peak - 1.3 miles
3.4 Open glades that look for miles to the west-- a great spot to catch a beautiful sunset. 
3.6 Along the north ridge of the summit you'll find several informal paths that lead east to glades overlooking the St. Francis Mountains. Definitely a five-star view! 
3.7 Stop for a second and take in the view from the top of Bell Mountain.
Bell Mountain Peak to Joe's Creek South Connector - 1.6 miles
5 A stock pond can be found on the south side of the trail. 
5.2 At the 'Y' in the trail, keep to the left.
Joe's Creek South Connector to Bell Mountain Trail Turn-Off - 1.1 miles
6.3 Taum Sauk trail intersection. Take a right to continue to Highway A.
Bell Mountain Trail Turn-Off to Highway A Trailhead Connector - 2.1 miles
6.9 Occasional water. Dry much of the year. 
6.9 There is a small trickle of water here for most of the year that feeds a diverse growth of flowers and grasses. A good resting spot with scenic views of the valley. 
7.8 Nice valley view, especially a bit off-trail to the south 
7.8 This low glade is found at a switchback on the trail. If you have some time you can explore to the south for excellent views of Ottery Creek valley. 
8.4 After crossing Highway A make a left to the trailhead.
Highway A Trailhead Connector to Highway A Trailhead - 0.1 miles
8.4 End at Highway A Trailhead. (directions)
Highway A Trailhead. Located across from the Bell Mountain Wilderness sign.
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