Trip Maps
A good trail and a good map go hand-in-hand. The Department of Natural Resources has brochures with maps available for almost all of the sections of the Ozark Trail. However, some of the maps are slightly out-of-date, and some routes are approximate. To fill in the gaps and create up-to-date maps, the OTA traveled the entire length of the trail with GPS receivers to create accurate maps of the entire Ozark Trail.

Google Overview Map with Trails and Trailheads
Topographical Maps with Features, Notes, and Water
The following Detailed Topographical Map(s) are available. Each map includes the trail, detailed topographical information, and waypoints.
Warning! These files are large and will take some time to download.
Courtois 1
Miles 0 to 14

Courtois 1<br>Miles 0 to 14
Courtois 2
Miles 12 to 23

Courtois 2<br>Miles 12 to 23
Courtois 3
Miles 21 to 36

Courtois 3<br>Miles 21 to 36
Courtois 4
Miles 36 to 48

Courtois 4<br>Miles 36 to 48
Trace Creek 1
Miles 0 to 9

Trace Creek 1<br>Miles 0 to 9
Trace Creek 2
Miles 10 to 20

Trace Creek 2<br>Miles 10 to 20
Taum Sauk 1
Miles 0 to 7

Taum Sauk 1<br>Miles 0 to 7
Taum Sauk 2
Miles 6 to 23

Taum Sauk 2<br>Miles 6 to 23
Taum Sauk 3
Miles 22 to 36

Taum Sauk 3<br>Miles 22 to 36
Directional Maps
The following Directional Map(s) are available. These are overview maps, including the trail, major roads, trail heads, shuttle stops, creeks and rivers, and waypoints.
No Line Map Available

No Line Map Available