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By: Matt Atnip, Executive Director
07/27/15 11:53:19 AM

At an “Unhappy Hour” last Friday evening, Missouri Preservation announced its 2015 list of Places in Peril. The Bend Bridge near Pacific was on that list. As statred on their website, “Missouri Preservation advocates for, educates about, and assists in the preservation of architectural and historic landmarks that embody Missouri’s unique heritage and sense of place.”  

We hope that being named by a respected statewide preservation group will help save the bridge for its historical significance and for future use as a key trail connection into St. Louis County for the Ozark Trail. It will also bolster economic development in the Pacific area and create a community amenity that all can be proud to have helped save.

Please see this article from the Southeast eMissourian -

By: Kathy Atnip
07/13/15 09:24:18 AM

The possible location for a Ozark Trail Meramec River crossing is highlighted at The vision to stretch the OTA from St Louis to Arkansas is alive and well. An opportunity is at hand to secure a crossing near Pacific MO, on the Bend Rd – Withington Ford Bridge. This historic, 100 year-old bridge, soon to be replaced by a modern bridge downstream, could be the gateway between the backcountry OT experience to the south and the more developed trail systems in St Louis County.

After viewing the film, visit the Pacific River Walk’s website for more information on how you can help save the bridge:

Thanks to Ryan Hanlon and the crew at Route 3 Films who produced this video free of charge! And thanks to Jim Minie for offering the use of his Quad Copter camera rig and volunteering his flying skills.

By: Kathy Atnip
07/13/15 09:41:30 AM

A four-map set covering the Courtois, Trace Creek, Middle Fork and Karkaghne sections is now available. The maps cover the route of the OT100 Mountain Bike Race coming up on October 3-4, 2015. 

Purchase the set at for $45 at And GOOD LUCK in the race!

By: Matt Atnip, Executive Director
06/09/15 11:56:19 AM

REI Grant Awarded!!

The OTA wishes to thank REI for a surprising grant in the amount of $15,000 to support our efforts on the Current River Trail / Round Spring section of the Ozark Trail. The application we submitted noted a limit of $10,000 for each grant but REI saw fit to bump the amount by an additional $5,000!

The stretch of trail this grant underwrites will be part of an extension from near Round Spring into the Camp Zoe area from the south and a connection from Current River State Park to Camp Zoe on the north and west. The trail south of Round Spring, the last piece of trail designed by John Roth yet to be built, is awaiting environmental assessment approval. We are hoping to have both pieces completed by the end of 2017. This will create a spectacular 30 mile trail connecting to the Blair Creek section. It will likely be many hikers’ new favorite section of the Ozark Trail. Along with traditional hiking trips, it will open up multi-day hike and float adventures along with shorter one and two day opportunities.

Thanks! REI. Your support of our mission is vital to helping us create and maintain this world class trail!