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By: Matt Atnip, Executive Director
11/24/14 08:19:35 AM

Thanks to the L-A-D Foundation / Pioneer Forest for supporting the creation of full trail maps of the OT! A grant of $4,400 was awarded to produce companion maps to our section maps. The new maps will display the entire trail in a large format; suitable for hanging on the wall or keeping in the glove box.

The Mapping Team will be fired up once again to design and create the maps. Todd Horn, our volunteer map guru, and Communications Chair, Kathy Atnip, will work with the OTA's Office Manager and Graphic Arts Coordinator Abi Jackson to create what I expect to be another beautiful and informative map set. It is an honor for me to work with such a talented group!

We are shooting to have these ready for sale in the spring.

By: Matt Atnip
11/03/14 08:44:15 AM

REI has created a very cool interactive website and the OT is part of it! As recipients of REI’s generous grant program, we were invited to submit photos with captions to tell our story. For the 2013 year, REI’s contribution helped us construct the 1.2 mile Trace Creek re-route. And this year we are working hard on the Berryman re-routes, also supported by REI!

REI states, “GEOstories are like map-enabled slideshows that incorporate dynamic maps, pictures, video and sound, with captions and links.”

Search for “Ozark” in the search box and click to see the slideshow. The site is a great place to check out what volunteers around the country are doing to care for the natural places they love.

Thanks to REI for including the OTA in this program, helping us showcase the trail and for REI’s continued financial support of the OTA!!

By: Matt Atnip
09/10/14 02:03:11 PM

Over 80 racers mounted up at 6:35am Saturday morning, September 6th for an unknown adventure; 100 miles by bicycle on the Ozark Trail. Their determination was met with equal enthusiasm by 60 plus volunteers. Seven checkpoints and water stations offered food, drink, mechanical assistance and a place to not be on that seat for a few moments. The event was filled with many inspirational performances from the winning riders screaming to the finish to those who just would not quit when their bodies were screaming for relief.

This fundraiser was the dream child of Jim Davis who probed the local mountain biking community for suggestions and found encouragement to put on this event. His wife Wendy stepped in to add a solid logistical backbone and assembled huge support from more than 25 sponsors. OTA staff and countless volunteers put in extra effort in the heat of August to get the trail ready. More than one veteran racer commented that this race was better organized than many nationally known, long running races they had competed in. And for the OTA volunteers, they said the trail was incredible and thanked you all for your year round effort. They want to come back.

It was truly an inspiring weekend that raised much needed funds to continue maintenance operations on the OT. Our hope at the OTA is that the trail can be enjoyed by an even wider audience in the months and years to come. Increased awareness brought on by events like these take us closer to that goal.  

By: Matt Atnip
11/12/14 07:30:16 AM

Deer Firearms Season opens 11/15/14 and runs through 11/25/14. It's great weather to be out on the Ozark Trail, but please take precautions at this time:

  • Be aware of the starting and ending dates of hunting seasons and about the regulations in the area where you plan to be on the trail.
  • Be seen by wearing safety orange clothing and reflective panels for visibility early and late in the day.
  • Talk to local hiking/cycling/equestrian and hunting organizations about areas to avoid during hunting season.
  • If you hear hunters or shots fired nearby, shout to let them know you're on the trail.

Deer season may be a good time to visit a State Park such as Johnson’s Shut-ins or Taum Sauk Mountain, where hunting is not allowed.

For information on Missouri's hunting seasons, see

Safety tips from the American Hiking Society.