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By: Matt Atnip
09/10/14 02:03:11 PM

Over 80 racers mounted up at 6:35am Saturday morning, September 6th for an unknown adventure; 100 miles by bicycle on the Ozark Trail. Their determination was met with equal enthusiasm by 60 plus volunteers. Seven checkpoints and water stations offered food, drink, mechanical assistance and a place to not be on that seat for a few moments. The event was filled with many inspirational performances from the winning riders screaming to the finish to those who just would not quit when their bodies were screaming for relief.

This fundraiser was the dream child of Jim Davis who probed the local mountain biking community for suggestions and found encouragement to put on this event. His wife Wendy stepped in to add a solid logistical backbone and assembled huge support from more than 25 sponsors. OTA staff and countless volunteers put in extra effort in the heat of August to get the trail ready. More than one veteran racer commented that this race was better organized than many nationally known, long running races they had competed in. And for the OTA volunteers, they said the trail was incredible and thanked you all for your year round effort. They want to come back.

It was truly an inspiring weekend that raised much needed funds to continue maintenance operations on the OT. Our hope at the OTA is that the trail can be enjoyed by an even wider audience in the months and years to come. Increased awareness brought on by events like these take us closer to that goal.  

By: Matt Atnip
08/21/14 01:04:46 PM

The OTA will hold its first annual OT100 P2P MTB Race on September 6th and 7th. The event was conceived as a fundraiser by avid mountain biker and former OTA board member Jim Davis. Jim has visions of a nationally recognized event challenging the toughest of the cycling community to compete in this unique event. The course is 98% single-track with over 13,000 feet in elevation gain. We are not aware of anywhere else that a 100 mile point to point race could be run with only 2 miles of gravel road. This is Missouri’s Ozark Trail!

Eighty-eight elite riders are registered to have a go at this never before raced course. They will not have the comfort of combing through prior event results to set a game plan. They will venture out there and set the standard for others to follow in the coming years. Seasoned riders are anticipating 18 or more hours to complete the course. Most will finish at Bass’ Resort after midnight Sunday morning.

The ride has caught the attention of local and national sponsors. Working hard behind the scenes is Wendy Davis, Jim’s wife. Wendy has rounded up in-kind and cash donations from more than 25 sponsors along with helping iron out the hundreds of details to put on this event! The sponsors’ generosity is much appreciated and proves this is an event that will be in demand for years to come.

Pitching in to support the racers are over 50 OTA volunteers. Check points, water stations, sag support and cooking up a post-race BBQ will all be handled by volunteers. Of course, Jim and Wendy are also volunteers and we can’t thank them enough.

Proceeds from the event will help support the OTA’s mission by helping keep the trail in prime shape year round. Thanks to the many volunteers who have put in time clearing brush and removing trees from the trail in the heat of the summer.

By: Abi Jackson
07/03/14 08:12:32 AM

The refuge (fenced portion of the area) is closed to vehicles until further notice due to road damage from a recent flash flood. Foot traffic is allowed.

By: Matt Atnip
07/02/14 10:23:54 AM

Join a couple hundred OTA volunteers, young and old, as we take to the woods to build some trail and spend a day sharing a common denominator...a passion for the Ozark Trail. Made possible by the generous support of REI, this one will really be a 'MEGA Event'. After a couple years away, we are returning to Bass' Resort to work on much needed re-routes on the east side of the Berryman Trail. Stephen and Julie Bass have been great supporters of the OTA and it feels like "Comin' Home" to base there once again!

Join us and be part of the legacy of the Ozark Trail. Make new friends and lasting memories as we build new trail through the hardwood/pine forests on the popular Berryman Loop.

Also: Free camping Friday September 26th & Saturday night the 27th at Bass' River Resort, complimentary lunch on the trail Saturday and an evening BBQ, live music by Rosewood, raffles, a big bon fire and more.

This event fills up quick, so be sure to reserve a spot today. Let's see if we can build one mile of OTA quality trail in one day!