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By: Kathy Atnip
05/04/15 03:00:26 PM

Registration is open for the next OT100 Mountain Bike Race, Saturday, October 3 2015. A new 50-mile option is being added this year and each race will be limited to 150 riders.

 The OT100 MTB is the only 100-mile point to point trail cycling race in the Midwest. And the Ozark Trail will provide an excellent setting with over 12,000 feet of elevation gain on the course, 4 checkpoints and additional water stops along with great volunteers to assist riders.

Cost is $110 per rider and awards will be presented to the winners in Men’s, Womens and Single Speed Categories. Go directly to to register or see for more information, to view the race flyer and download a copy to print.

Also new this year: Ozark Trail Association cycling jerseys: wear yours for the race! See for more information and to order online.

Thanks to Jim and Wendy Davis and their team for organizing this great race and important OTA fundraiser.

By: Kathy Atnip
05/04/15 02:58:19 PM

Want to wear OTA colors while you ride? Check out to see the design and place your order.

The jerseys are hand crafted of breathable, moisture wicking fabric with a great custom OTA look and our logo. 

Cost for a jersey is $65 and yours will arrive in early July, in time to break it in for the OT100 and OT50 Mountain Bike Races on October 3, 2015.  

By: Kathy Atnip
04/20/15 11:14:24 AM

Enter our raffle for a chance to win a beautiful, gently-used Hemlock canoe. Chances are $10 each and only 500 entries will be accepted. See for more information and to enter online.

Raffle winner will be announced at the National Trails Day event at Current River State Park, June 6. Good luck!

Thanks to volunteer Rick Wolfram for donating the canoe.

By: Matt Atnip, Executive Director
04/28/15 02:34:15 PM

There will be an important meeting held at the Pacific Government Building at 7pm this Friday, May 1st.

Please come to show support and let Pacific know that saving the bridge will attract many visitors!

7pm Pacific City Hall, 300 Hoven Drive, Pacific MO.

The Mayor has called a meeting to discuss whether or not it is a good idea for the City of Pacific to take ownership of the bridge from Franklin County. It is a very good thing for the future of the Ozark Trail for that to happen.

What follows are several facts about trails and how Pacific can benefit from saving the bridge as part of a trail plan. Please take a look and if you would like to speak at the meeting, please feel free to include the information below in your remarks. You should arrive early and fill out a Speaker Card. It is a bit long but I hope you find it informative!




Economic Development

  • 2010 study by the Bureau of Economic Analysis on consumer spending
    • Outdoor Recreation #3 - $646 Billion (behind Insurance and Financial Services and Outpatient Medical Care)
    • Missouri’s Share - $11.2 Billion supporting 110,000 jobs
    • Ozark National Scenic Riverways 2013 data
      • $51 Million revenue supporting 719 jobs
      • 1.25 million visitors or $41 spent per visitor
      • Only 100 trail users a week in Pacific could generate $213,000 annually


Other “Trail Town” Success Stories

  • Great Allegheny Passage -150 mile bike-pedestrian trail near Pittsburgh, PA
    • 2006 study of Trail Towns business owners
      • 25% of town’s revenue attributed to the trail
      • 2/3rds said they had at least some increase a/c the trail
      • 25% of businesses planned to expand or hire more staff
      • 4 of 10 users stayed overnight
        • average overnight visitor spent $98
        • average day user spent $13


  • Root River Trail  - 60 mile paved trail – SE Minnesota
    • Lanesboro, MN – Pop. 800 – Nearest large town – LaCrosse, WI – 60 miles east. Now has:
      • 12 B&B’s, 8 Restaurants, Art Gallery, Museum, Community Theater
      • Trail accounts for $5 million in annual revenue


Pacific Has Advantages

  • Rich and varied history with attractions to pull people to Pacific.
    • Route 66, Jensen Point, river access at Pacific Palisades, Blackburn Park, Liberty Field, Railroad history, restaurants and shops.
    • Heritage Tourism is a fast growing segment of the Tourism Industry. Pacific has a lot ot offer!
    • On the doorstep to St. Louis County.
      • Large number of day users within a short drive.
      • Airport shuttle access for people flying into St. Louis.
      • Pacific will be the jumping off point for backcountry use or the destination at the end of a long adventure.
      • Eureka interested in connecting the Cities via trail.
      • Proposed trail to Shaw Nature Reserve creating more trail traffic through Pacific.
        • Possible future connection to the Rock Island Trail???
        • Close to Six Flags, Purina Farms, Shaw Nature Reserve, Labarque Creek CA, Young CA, Glassberg CA, Don Robinson SP (under development), several golf courses.


Withington Ford – Bend Bridge also has Advantages

  • Logical place for the Ozark Trail to pass through.
  • Wonderful 100 year old bridge to “bookend” Pacific’s River Walk Trail with Jensen Point.
  • Road easement to the bridge will preserve Pacific property owner’s access to riverfront property at the entrance to the bridge.
  • Potential to create a small craft boat launch point near the bridge.
  • Access to Robertsville area.
  • Creating a crossing point at Bend Bridge will encourage trail construction in Robertsville State Park and points in between.
  • Trail connections to Robertsville SP will also make Pacific a great midpoint between Rt. 66 SP for cyclists to stop for lunch or a snack.
  • Creating more trails west of Rt. 66 SP will encourage replacment of the bridge in Rt. 66 SP – there would be more reason to make the connection.
  • Pacific will be a terminus for “improved trail” users heading east with access to the River Ring Network in St. Louis County (once the Rt. 66 bridge is completed).
  • Would create Hike n Float or Bike n Float options from Rt. 66 SP to Robertsville SP or variations using Bend Bridge and Pacific Palisades.


Funding for the Bridge

  • Initial Costs
    • Franklin County turns the bridge over to the City of Pacific under MoDot’s Free Bridge Program.
    • Under Federal rules, 80% of funds set aside for demolition can be used toward preservation. This could be as much as $150,000 to repair and convert the bridge for non-motorized use.


  • Ongoing maintenance / Insurance
    • To be paid for by a maintenance trust overseen by the Magi Foundation (already opened). The OTA and Magi will work hand-in-hand to raise the necessary funds.
      • Local business contributions.
      • Fundraisers like the Bluegrass Bash, raffles, etc.
      • Grants for preservation projects to be pursued.
  • Ozark Trail Association would manage the maintenance through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Pacific and Magi.
    • The OTA currently manages over 360 miles of trail through MOU’s on private, state and federal lands.
  • A 20 year estimate of cost to maintain the bridge, if the bridge were to be kept open for 1,500 vehicles to cross a day, would be close to $750,000 (per the firm currently inspecting the structure).
    • $750k is for continued vehicular use and is Very Overstated
    • Rehab would include removing the asphalt which would reduce the weight and no vehicles would cross the bridge reducing the daily pounding exponentially, reducing damage and prolonging the life of the structure.
    • Costly inspections every two years would not be required ($5,000 to 10,000 per inspection) if used as a non-motorized structure. Inspections every 5 years would more likely.
    • Using demolition money to get the bridge in shape should keep maintenance needs low in early years.
  • Initial indications from the insurer are that there would be no added liability cost to add the structure to Pacific’s property schedule.
  • Research is being done for the cost of catastrophe coverage (to remove bridge should it collapse from a flood. Premiums could be paid out of the maintenance trust.