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By: Abi Jackson
01/28/16 12:21:07 PM

The US Forest Service is announcing a temporary closure of the Taum Sauk section of the OT from Hwy A south to Johnson's Shut-Ins for February 1st and 2nd. This will be an aerial treatment for feral hogs, using helicopters and rifles, conducted by MDC and AHPHIS. Signs will be placed at all impacted trailheads.

By: Abi Jackson
01/27/16 09:36:38 AM

Ozark National Scenic Riverways is planning upcoming prescribed burns. One large burn unit lies in the Current River section of the Ozark Trail. Because of the size of the unit (approx 1,231 acres), the burn will take place over the course of two days. A portion of the Ozark Trail near Rocky Falls will be closed during the Mill/Buzzard prescribed burn. The scheduling date is dependent on weather and vegetation meeting certain conditions. The timeframe for conducting this burn is from late January to mid April. Please visit the park's website at for further updates and specific dates as they become available.

By: Abi Jackson
01/27/16 07:51:48 AM

On Wednesday, January 27th, the US Forest Service will be conducting a 1 acre prescribed burn at Crane Lake dam. This will impact the Ozark Trail in the Crane Lake area of the Marble Creek section.

By: Matt Atnip, Executive Director
11/05/15 02:10:43 PM

Looking at financial results can answer and raise many questions. The charts linked here - CHARTS - are taken from the 2014 Statement of Activities report which in the “for profit” world may be called a Profit and Loss Statement. The purpose is to show the total revenues and expenses of the organization. The figures are on a cash basis so they do not include money spent that may be reimbursed in the following period (accounts receivable) or explain that revenue received is balanced against an expense from a prior period (spent the money last year, got reimbursed this year). The charts further break down the streams by source on the revenue side and by use on the expense side.

But that is not the entire picture! Revenue streams come in 3 different varieties – unrestricted, temporarily restricted and permanently restricted. We’ll cover these in more depth in the next article but the short story is that we cannot spend every dollar of revenue as we please. As you may guess, unrestricted funds are the hardest to come by. Expenses also fall into categories - Programs, Fundraising and Administration. You might imagine that the largest expense on the chart, Staff, is allocated to basic overhead admin tasks, fundraising, and a large portion goes directly to programs (planning events, managing sign-ups and registration, designing trail, outreach, managing volunteer efforts and paid crews, etc.). More detail on that in an upcoming article.

What you will see immediately, the OTA spent $29,000 more than it took in for 2014. Over the past four years, we have been operating at a deficit. As a trail building machine, the OTA has produced great results. We have built miles of trail, expanded our reach into trail communities, increased maintenance efforts tremendously through re-routing derelict trail segments, increasing Adopt-a-Trail participation and dedicating many more volunteer outings to maintenance. As a business, we are challenged to pull in sufficient unrestricted funds to support the current level of operations. This is a struggle for all not for profits.

This is why the OTA Board has initiated a fund raising effort to raise $30,000 by year end. We do need your help in the field investing your sweat equity and we need your help financially to support the business of the OTA. The revenue chart shows that in 2014 we brought in almost twice the revenue selling OTA gear and trail maps (11%) than from memberships (6%). Your local PBS station is not kidding when they talk about how important memberships are to a not for profit organization!  Had Membership been at 20% of revenue, the deficit would have been covered.

We’ll dive deeper into revenue in the next article. But if you like what the OTA has been able to accomplish, please help us keep the momentum going by donating at this link - DONATE - or become a MEMBER – or send a check by mail – Ozark Trail Association, 406 West High St., Potosi, MO  63664