trail Hazel Creek to Powder Mill

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trail Hazel Creek to Powder Mill

Postby runners_low » Wed Nov 01, 2017 6:46 pm

I just complete a hike of the trail from Hazel Creek to Powder Mill.

Most of the trail is free of down trees except the section from DD Trailhead to Nazaranko Spring. That two mile section has a number of down trees, sometime multiple trees at the same spot. I'm sure this is on the short list of maintenance however it is unlike the rest of the section I hiked and it may have more down threes that all of the other 94 miles I hiked. This is the exception and needs immediate attention.

The trail is in good condition considering the terrain. On many rocky hillsides it is impossible to construct any but a small ledge path. The Blair Creek section, on which a considerable portion is on steep hill sides, is as good as can be expected, but care must be taken by hikers when wet conditions make the trail slippery.

Most of the trail is well marked. The northern 22 miles of the Blair Creek section (with one exception) is perhaps the best marked, but the last five miles is sadly lacking. The normal condition is 100 to 200 yards between markers in this last 5 miles (south of Little Blair Creek). It would be very frustrating to hike this section in full leaf down or without a map or GPS. I reached this section at 5:00 PM and found staying of trail very difficult. It was getting dark as I finished and I was unable to see any trail turn indicators either because of their absence or poor light.

There is almost zero overgrowth. Sections that needed it were trimmed.

I am impressed with the condition of the trail. Thank You to all the volunteers who made ti so.

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