Hwy A to Taum Sauk Mountain

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Hwy A to Taum Sauk Mountain

Postby Hangin'Yankee » Sun Oct 22, 2017 3:30 pm

Hello OT hikers,

I'm planning on backpacking this section later this week.

I'm wondering what the water situation is?

Is there water in the Walker Branch? Is Mina Sauk Falls and Taum Sauk Creek running?

I'm up in Iowa so I don't know if it's been wet or dry down there?

I've hiked this section before and there was always plenty of water.

Any help would be appreciated.

Also, we're looking for a shuttle from Taum Sauk State Park to HWY A on Thursday morning. If you know of anbody, please let me know.


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Re: Hwy A to Taum Sauk Mountain

Postby Jim » Tue Oct 24, 2017 10:41 am

I'm wondering what the water situation is? a bit of rain has hit the last week, you may find some spring creeks with water.
Mina Sauk.... maybe a little, think it needs some more rain.

Dry is the current status. I camped at Berryman over the weekend and we had a good rain Sunday morning, but I raked some leaves back and all dry underside...

I think you will find the colors' most inviting.

Shuttle - Hit up Johnson Shut-in's state park campground/or main site office, they were doing shuttles in the area. Also Brushy Creek Lodge does some shuttles.
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