Taum Sauk- Hwy 21 to A

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Taum Sauk- Hwy 21 to A

Postby jgoelleraka930 » Mon Apr 27, 2015 2:32 pm

My buddy and I hiked from 21 to A this weekend. We arrived at the 21 trailhead at about 7:45 after dropping a car off at the parking lot on A. We passed several groups on the trail, and I feel that we all got extremely lucky with the weather. The forecast did not look extremely promising, calling for a 50% chance of thunderstorms all day. When we started on the trail it was overcast, misting, and raining very lightly. We had never hiked the section from 21 to the top of Taum Sauk and expected it to be much more difficult than it proved to be. That section was really enjoyable and in nearly perfect condition; there was only one small tree down in which we had to step over. Since the weather was cooperating and we were nervous about the forecast, we decided to forgo lunch and continue to Black River. The mostly overcast conditions cleared and the views were amazing as usual, minus what I call the scar on the landscape (the reservoir of course). We arrived at the river in pretty high spirits just before 4:30 with no rain in sight. This section of the trail has recently been weedeated and was in great condition. The next day we completed the hike to A. This section of the trail is not as clear and maintained as 21 to Black River, but is not bad at all; the trail is very easily discernible and easy to follow. About 2 miles past the Hwy N crossing, there is a very large tree down in the middle of the trail. It looks to have fallen within the last couple of days. There are 3 or 4 trees down on this section total. We did not see any other hikers on Sunday until we arrived at the parking lot. All in all, we had an awesome hike and are extremely glad to have completed this entire section.
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