Lost Fibit Flex on the Bell Mountain Loop

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Lost Fibit Flex on the Bell Mountain Loop

Postby jamesW » Fri Apr 24, 2015 10:28 am

I hiked the Bell Mountain loop from the North trailhead on CR-61 on 18 April. I left the trailhead wearing my red band, Fitbit Flex. By the time we reached the Bell Mountain loop it was gone. I guess the straps for my trecking poles pulled it off.

As a side note, the trail was easy to follow. Though there were a fair number of downed trees. We came across, and shared the trail with, a few box turtles. There was water running clear in all three crossings of Joes creek. I stopped to purify some. It went down refreshingly cold! We (the Boy scout Philmont Crew) did camp overnight on the north side of the Bell Mountain peak and woke to the soothing sound of rain on the tents.

I was tempted to disperse the rock fire rings that had been built right next to the trail at more than one location near the south end of the loop and near the USGS? marker at the peak. But did not.

If anyone finds my fitbit I sure would appreciate you pinging me.
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