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North Fork Pomona TH

Postby bmranch » Sat Jul 04, 2009 7:09 pm

My brother and I rode the North Fork trail today (July 4th) starting at the Pomona TH on Hwy P in Pomona. Access to the trailhead was good. Coming from Hwy 63 the trailhead is only about an 8th of a mile. If you're not paying attention, it's easy to miss. It's tough to turn around in if you have a larger gooseneck type trailer, but doable. A bumper trailer would have been ideal.

We saddled up at the trail head and rode for about 2 hours, then turned around. The trail looks great. There were some trees thay had fallen down across the trail, but all were cut and cleared except for a few small trees. None were an issue for the horses. The trail was clearly marked and the folks who cleared the trail and cut the downed trees really deserve a huge thanks for their work. They did a fantastic job.

We didn't see anyone else on the trail. We had it all to ourselves. The temperature was about 85 degrees and at around 2:00 o'clock it started to sprinkle. The creeks were dry. The trail had a few areas with loose gravel and/or small rocks that had to be negotiated, but we took our time and didn't have any problem. The rest of the trail had small hills with switchbacks. There were level areas with pine trees, large oaks, small trees, etc. Something for everyone. The temperature felt cool in the shade provided by the thick canopy of trees. You could hear the rain drops hitting the trees and leaves, but it barely reached us on our horses. Naturally we forgot our camera. We didn't see any wildlife, but deer tracks seemed to be everywhere.

Further down the trail we would have eventually come across the river but we just didn't reach it this time. bmranch

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Re: North Fork Pomona TH

Postby Coldspring » Sat Jul 04, 2009 11:23 pm

It's wonderful to hear of people using this trail. I first met John Roth here, on a special outing to "find" the trail. A few years ago, it was basically non-existent in parts, as it had been a decade or more since any maintenance had been performed. There was no sign of it to speak of. Several of us pieced it together, between traces and signs that were sparse, and flagged the route. John Roth and I hiked it one day with a GPS, shortly after the flagging. We hiked 12 miles, from Hwy AP to the TH at Pomona. Some of the hike was through some rough brush without any sort of tread, so it was several miles of bushwhacking None of it was really easy for walking. At about the 11th mile, I was exhausted, and John began rubbing it in, in his own sly way. Afterall, he was a generation older. He suggested we race to the finish. I tried, but had to stop, shortly, after running out of breath. John made it all the way to the trailhead and was waiting patiently. Just one of my memories of Roth.
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