Mega Event Sept 22

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Mega Event Sept 22

Postby Melissa » Tue Sep 11, 2007 2:44 pm

Hi all you horse people out there using the OT. I know you're out there because I run into you trail riding from time to time! My husband and I are hosting the Mega Event the weekend of Sept 22 to build new trail on the Courtois Section. Our place, River Oaks Ranch, is adjacent to the new section; We feel so lucky. This is going to be a beautiful section of trail - I'm familiar with a lot of the terrain since I've ridden in those woods for over 25 yrs. We would love to have more of the horse people that use the OT join in on the work parties. We are not only hoping you can join us but bring your horse too. I have room for horse camping, mostly trailer tie but also a few corrals if you need them. Space is limited so please call to confirm. You can camp Fri and Sat and ride Sat afternoon and all day Suday. Also we are only about a 15 min drive to the beautiful Berryman Trail, Brazil Creek trailhead. Please call me for more information.
Melissa Rheinecker

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