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Updated BT Conditions

Postby Honch » Sat Sep 22, 2012 3:21 pm

Rode the Berryman loop on 9/21, CCW from the campground. There are 7-8 trees down within the loop and the climbs are loose but the condition has improved since I was there this summer. There was 1-2 miles of significant trail work done recently on the eastern section with some sort of power equipment based on the tire treads in the loose dirt. I believe there is a big work day going on today so it should be even better. Riding in the STL area, we get away from these kind of primitive trails but I think Berryman is our best trail for true mountain biking. It's loose, it rough, some of the climbs are very tough and steep but for that next level challenge over the local stuff, it's a great trail that needs riders on the sections being repaired. Take advantage of the good weather and go test yourself at Berryman.

On a side note, I'd be happy to help mark the actual Berryman route with signs. Not sure who coordinates that but there are several areas where the trail splits and you kind of need guidance. As long as you think to "always stay on single track" you are ok but some of the forks in the trail can go either way. Feel free to PM me with a trail marking work day or something
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