Are there trails that are OK with a bicycle trailer?

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Are there trails that are OK with a bicycle trailer?

Postby chb » Mon Apr 26, 2010 11:40 am

I'd like to do a self-supporting multi-day bicycle trip with my family. I heard that trail-side camping is possible which is awesome but I'm not sure how the trails are. We'll be towing a bicycle trailer and of course bikes are packed with front and rear panniers. Are there trails that are suited for the trailer and are not streets?
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Re: Are there trails that are OK with a bicycle trailer?

Postby Jim » Thu May 06, 2010 8:11 am

I guess anything is possible. Some sections of the trail can be quite a challenge pulling a trailer. I have seen a trailer on the trail pulling a little one on the Trace Creek Section(North of Council Bluffs). A Bob trailer would be best as it would be a bit more narrow. Some areas may be a tight fit due to all of the sawyer work that has take place over the last year or so, least we forget the rootball holes. Most of this type of issue would be on the South Trace or Middlefork section. Give the Courtois a shot. Bass to Council Bluffs and back should be a good multiday trip at a slow pace.
You could also post this question on STL or You may find a bit more response from the biking community.
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Re: Are there trails that are OK with a bicycle trailer?

Postby Big Jim Mac » Tue Aug 03, 2010 9:44 pm

I've wanted to try this and could see pulling it off on Middle Fork but some of those climbs would make it pretty tough. If you packed right you could do it with just the panniers I'm sure. The problem as I see it is what do you do if you can't pull the hill, ditto for going downhill. A couple places that come to mind are the section leading into Brazil Creek at Berryman and down to the Courtois on the OT. When I hike I imagine how this section would be on a bike and sometimes shudder... Also Middle Fork would involve getting across the creeks without watering your gear on the trailer. Take a look at the latest issue of Dirt Rag magazine, they have a bunch of stuff on bike camping, there are some real interesting racks I would like to have. I also read Singletrack and the Brits do this all the time. I'm thinking they have better legs and lungs than me though. Personally, I think you should buck up for one of these: ... v_XSG10001
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