Free shuttle April 4th

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Free shuttle April 4th

Postby John » Mon Mar 30, 2009 10:14 am

The OTA is working on foot-only trail this Saturday April 4 at Johnson' Shut-Ins State Park. We expect a few mountain bikers to volunteer, but understand that some bikers won't want to build a trail they can't ride. So, bikers--- go ride this Saturday on the OT for FREE.

To introduce bikers to our new service schedule, all shuttles this Saturday April 4th will be free to mountain bikers. Our service area now includes Bass River Resort, Highway 8 Trailhead (by Berryman) and Hazel Creek, so we now cover the entire rideable portions of the Courtois, Trace Creek and Middle Fork sections. There are lots of trip options such as Highway 8 to Bass, Hazel Creek or Council Bluff, or even Highway J to Bass if you want to ride a 70-miler.

Shuttle information including a map is at . You can view the schedule by date and book a shuttle online. You can also book by calling (573) 436-0540. Even though the shuttle is free, you need to make a reservation a day in advance, as we don't make runs that have no booked passengers.

Our bike trailer can haul 9 bikes.

Email me with questions or give the office a buzz.
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