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Meth Lab

Postby Coldspring » Thu May 13, 2010 9:51 am

I heard a mobile meth lab was busted this week at the Pomona Trailhead of the North Fork Section. Don't know the details.

I'm telling you, this is not the safest area of the Ozark Trail. There is a lot of white criminal trash in the area from Siloam Springs to Pomona, in Howell County. The ATV usage of the trail is obvious. The illegal dumping is obvious. It will never change. I have the impression that some of the local poachers, ATV riders, dope growers, and meth cooks don't like the fact that the trail was reopened through their woods. Seems like they always dump dead dogs, trash, and feces right on the trail.

Be careful out there. I'd like to promote the trail, but I don't see this part of the North Fork Section as a destination. The scenery is mediocre and it's mostly an ATV trail, now.
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