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Tree ID

PostPosted: Tue Oct 31, 2017 11:18 am
by RobLangellier
Hey guys. There's a tree I couldn't ID for the life of me on the trail, and I'm wondering if there's an amateur naturalist here that can help. I didn't see it anywhere except on the south glades of Stegall Mountain and in the St. Francois Mountain glades and burn areas, where it was common. It was medium height, not a canopy tree, with unlobed simple leaves that were blazing red. They really looked like blackgum, but I understand blackgum to be a wet, low-area tree, and these clearly seem to be dry, rocky, poor soil pioneer trees. I would compare the leaves to blackgum or shingle oak, maybe 6" long, so it isn't sumac.

Obviously, a picture would be super helpful, but I was thru hiking and didn't have a camera. So I don't expect anyone to respond, but hey.

TLDR: Simple, deep red autumn leaves, grows in pioneer burn and glade sites in the Ozarks...what is it?