size of section maps sold by OTA

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size of section maps sold by OTA

Postby runners_low » Sat Oct 14, 2017 9:15 pm

Can someone tell me the unfolded size of the section maps sold by the OTA? Are the same as the free National Geographic maps or do they have more detail? Sounds like a good deal.

Thanks, Joe
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Re: size of section maps sold by OTA

Postby Jim » Mon Oct 16, 2017 10:24 am

The OTA Maps are very specific to the trail where as the Nat Geo maps are much broader.
The OTA map is smaller is size. The paper quality is ok, not quite the quality of the Nat geo maps.. if you get the map's best to dry before folding or it may fail.

I recommend the OT maps for all sections as for trail detail and forest road info, water options, etc.
Here is a pic of the OT Current river section laid on top of the Nat Geo NPS Ozark - Nat Scenic Riverways maps.
Both maps utilize front and back printing.
On occasion the OT map has a photo inset over a section of the nearby roads...ugh...(disliked feature)

Sorry just reread your post question - The free maps on the OTA web page are 8.5x11 typical print size and the OT map is the full section on front and back of a fold out.(17"x22")
the ot map also has elevation profile with mile markers set in a South bound direction.

in some areas you can use the OT TRIP PLANNER for mileage markers and waypoints in either direction. ...
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