3 day hike recommendations

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3 day hike recommendations

Postby moodyerdoc » Tue Sep 26, 2017 9:26 pm

Looking to do 3.5 days on October 1,2,3, and short day on the 4th. First time on OT, and looking at the OTA trip planner, thinking about Taum Sauk Trail Head to Bell Mountain north, or alternatively, Highway N drop off to Barton Fen. any recommendations for first experience on the OT?
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Re: 3 day hike recommendations

Postby Jim » Wed Sep 27, 2017 4:59 pm

Taum Sauk is rocky and slow... Not my first timer choice for sure.
I would half day it on day 1. Bell North to Summit for overnight and sunrise. (Must see from Bell @ Mile Marker 4)
Day 2 - down to Hwy A then North on Trace Creek
Fire pit on east side of trail at mile marker 17. Tent and hammock access is good.
Day 3 Option 1
Head back south on Middle Fork
Nice fire pit and tent space for 1 or 2 and water at mile 7.2 on east side of trail above waterfall.
Finish up at Barton Fen

Day 3 Option 2
Continue North on Trace Creek to Council Bluff Lake. Hike Counter clockwise to mile marker 8.5 South of dam. East side of the trail in the rock out cropping there is a fire pit on a large slab of rock. Tent and Hammock spot.
Or skip the over night and just hike to a finish at Enough Boat Launch mile marker 5 on the lake loop.
Day 4 - finish at Enough Boat Launch. Easy access back on to Hwy 32 back to A and Bell North.

Day 3 Option 2 would be my choice... There are bail outs if you need to call it over.

Good luck. Let us know how it goes and what ya chose.
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