Looking for Simple Overnight Hike Close to Poplar Bluff

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Looking for Simple Overnight Hike Close to Poplar Bluff

Postby animalspooker » Wed Sep 06, 2017 12:42 pm

We live in PB (obviously) and are interested in taking out first hike this fall. Wife and I are both in our mid 40s and in fairly good physical shape. Walking should be no problem as long as we're not mountain climbing. We're looking for a scenic hike alongside a river where we could set up camp and possibly do some fishing. Our only other stipulation is that we end up at our vehicle, but we are not against shuttling if it is available. A loop would probably be ideal. I know there is a nice trail in the Wappapello area, but we would be happier along the rivers/creeks. The smaller the better (similar to Eleven Point & narrow runs of Current). Any advice would be greatly appreciated. With the temps down this week, it seems like perfect weather, but I would like to wait until the ticks slowed to a halt and the snakes were hibernating. Any ideas on when would be a good time of year for this as well? Thanks.
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Re: Looking for Simple Overnight Hike Close to Poplar Bluff

Postby mike » Fri Sep 08, 2017 9:28 am

The Current River section would probably be your best bet. An "In and Out" starting at Powder Mill and going to Klepzig Mill (7 miles from Powder Mill one way). Nice campsite on the left just before you get to the creek crossing. Or cross the creek and keep going as the trail follows the creek for a ways and there are a few level spots where you can camp close to the creek. Or keep on going for a total one way distance of about 10 miles to Rocky Falls. Couple of good spots to camp there and very scenic. You could drive in to Rocky Falls leave a vehicle there, cross the creek and hike on to Klepzig Mill for a shorter hike.

I'm not sure of the conditions of the trail since the spring flood since I haven't been on this section since it occurred. Perhaps someone else would enlighten us as to the current condition of the trail in that area.

Tic's slow down after the first freeze but they are always there especially if you get to stirring the leaves. I recommend treating all your clothes with Permethrin it really works. You can get it at Walmart in the sporting goods section.

Late October during the leaf change is a pretty time to be out but I do most of my trips after all the leaves fall. The views are much better at leaf off.

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