OTA Shuttle Service in Taum Sauk Area

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OTA Shuttle Service in Taum Sauk Area

Postby Hungry Jack » Tue Jul 10, 2007 8:00 am

FYI. This is announced on the OTA home page, but I thought it was somewhat buried. So I posted it here for all to see.

Beginning in September 2007 the OTA will offer two new services within a 20-mile radius of Johnson's Shut-Ins: an online trip planner with over 50 customized trail trips for hikers, bikers and equestrians, plus a shuttle service that will serve all the major trail heads in the area during the peak trail seasons in spring and fall. Over 150 miles of trail will be included in the trip planner and shuttle service, including all of the Taum Sauk, Middle Fork and Karkaghne sections plus the Trace Creek section from Council Bluff Lake south to the Highway A trail head

This really opens up lots of possibilities for short trips and long trips. For example, you could use this service to hike the Karkhagne, Middle Fork, lower Trace Creek (from DD to Hiway A at Bell Mountain), and Taum Sauk sections (when reopened), which would be about a 95-mile jaunt through some prime Ozark terrain.
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