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Wappapello Section 6-3-15

PostPosted: Fri Jun 05, 2015 10:41 am
by jgoelleraka930
I began hiking the Wappapello Section from the Hwy F Trailhead and planned to hike to Sam A Baker. I was excited about this hike because I had a friend camping at the park and was going to shuttle me back to my car when I finished. I decided to take the East Side of the the trail starting at Hwy F and this proved to be a very bad choice. At about 2 miles in (just before marker "C" and "stream" on the map) the trail ended in Wappapello Lake. With all of the recent rain the lake was way up.Wading across was not an option at this part, so I got out my compass and decided to bushwack around the lake. I made it around and found the trail in about 15 to 20 minutes. Feeling relieved that that was over, I continued down the trail. Only 100 yards later, the trail again dead-ended in the lake. This time I decided to try to wade across the lake because it looked more shallow than the previous spot. I took off my shoes and began wading across. I only got about 10 feet from the bank, the water was up to my waist, and I started sinking in the mud. Deciding this was a bad idea, I turned around and made my way back to the bank. After all of this and not knowing how many more times I would encounter the lake, I turned around and headed back to Hwy F. Because this had taken so long, I just went to Sam A Baker and hiked different parts of the Mudlick Trail there. When I hike this section in the future, I will not make the mistake of taking the eastern side of the loop after Hwy F. Lesson learned.