Marble Creek CG to Crane Lake

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Marble Creek CG to Crane Lake

Postby Jim » Mon Jun 25, 2007 4:28 pm

Note: This is not a full fledged report to hike are on your own!!! But I do have a few tips should you be ready to "Take a Hike".
6/23 8:40AM Amped and ready for the hike. Wendy, Trail Monster, and a last minute addition "Shane"(age 14)...oh and Me.
Spider Webs...first order of business...a branch to clear he way and bug spray (Bullfrog gotta have some sunscreen too.. IT works well to keep the ticks and skeeters at bay.)
Second order of business: Things to take along:

The trail is getting overgrown at the TH...Its up hill from here....however, its nice n wide thanks to ATV's. Once on top you will find an old clear cut...but no trail...just some blow downs...follow the old logging road on the right side of the wraps up and around the clearing. Trail picks back up heading to the right.

Blow downs seem to be the main scenery...lots of trees down. This trail begs for some TLC. IN areas that you can find the trail it is nice tread minus the blow downs. Keep note there are several old jeep roads and minor gravel that are not on the map....YES TAKE A MAP...OR wander around for days....

More blow downs and poor signage in critcal areas. WE bush wacked for quite a while before picking up the trail in several locations. At about mile 6...(WATER...the only you will find until the shutin's..)...just keep following the road, but keep a lookout on the right for a trail maker...the big brown ones with a USFS sticker and Hiker...if ya wanna bust brush follow it...we did...if not take the road....eventually you meet the trail if you follow the bushwack route...then - the wannabe trail with a really cool ribbon of boulders for hopping along will squeeze you into the shut in's - its a wooly kinda place till ya hit the creek......and if you are lucky like we will find "Camp Doc" and "Ron" dipping toes in the pools...and giving directions to the trail out. PS...listen carefully...after your done scrambling up the nice little cliff face...gather your stuff and head up to the pretty little glade....Then look low on the glade for the trail ...its not at the top of the glade...and that is not a white blaze on the is a fungus designed to trick novice hikers into thinking they are on the right track....More bush wacking and a nice little trail appears...with the gusty winds and then somebody turned out the lights...heck its only 4:45PM ...but back to save us again....Camp Doc and Ron...and Rain...just because we were smelly...Back at the jeep at 5:20PM only 3 minor breaks...morning realize we are out of water...lunch...then a short deep in the shutin's for Sydney.

All in all a great training trip for the our multi day next week. My mileage shows about 9 taking the north side of the Crane Lake Loop. More Water is must...we ran dry at about mile was HOT!!!...we did have a small amount for emergency that we know just in case.

PS>...Wendy Says its 10 MILES because of the Brush Bustin'! was ugly... Several very nice area's to camp on an under used trail...its a shame...Get out and HIKE Marble Creek!!!! You've done the Courtois a dozen times....see something new.
PS...Take your loppers...and a chainsaw... :wink

Ok as not to only complain.... I will try to get this started....SO I propose a fall cleaning/clearing trip..Who's in???....Loppers, signers, sawyers, and ....anything else that may come up... There are a couple of minor roads into this one so...access should not be an issue to get a maint crew in and out with ease...
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Postby John » Mon Jun 25, 2007 9:57 pm

The Marble Creek section of the Ozark Trail is currently a bit of a problem in the 'grand scope of things.' It's short and a bit of an orphan, and while the shut-ins are magnificent, there is little else along this trail to recommend it even when it's cleared.

Timber sales and storm damage-- a double-whammy on top of it just being a day hike/ride.

The real killer to this section getting frequent maintenance is that it doesn't connect to anything else. There could change in the next couple of years, but for now it's just a lonely trail.

Recently, a local group from (Farmington? Fredericktown?) entered into an agreement to maintain the Marble Creek campground and they might get more involved with trail maintenance. Ron M. & Linda M. cut deadfall on the north loop around Crane Lake, but I think that's all they hit.

Good report, Jim. Hopefully we'll clean up this section in the future.
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Postby campdoctor » Thu Jun 28, 2007 8:00 pm

I swear, I tried to adopt this and Robert wouldn't let me. Ron and I did cut, a few months ago, but just around the lake.
Proud mama of the 4 miles of the Blair Creek section from 106 north.
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