Highway J to Barton Fen - 12/21/14

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Highway J to Barton Fen - 12/21/14

Postby DirtRoadRunner » Sun Dec 21, 2014 5:01 pm

I hiked this nice little 10-mile stretch of trail this morning.

To start the hike, I parked at Barton Fen, then rode my bike down backroads to the J Highway trailhead. The total ride was only 10 miles, and really easy - there was only really one short hill to climb before rolling into Oates. At the trailhead, I locked my bike to a tree and then hiked back to Barton Fen.

The trail was in excellent condition - very well mowed, with only a few downed trees across it. It was also very easy to follow, and the tread was pretty beat in from feet, hooves, and MTB tires, so I'm guessing it is getting a fair amount of use.

From J Highway to Strohler Creek, the trail wasn't particularly scenic, but it was really pretty from Strohler Creek to Barton Fen. There was very little sign of humanity, and the route was nicely chosen to follow beautiful rock-bottomed streams such as Little Creek and Gunstock Hollow.

I didn't see a soul on the whole hike (and only saw 1 car on the bike ride). However, I heard a loud industrial humming noise for most of the hike - likely from one of the Doe Run mines or their battery recycling plant. I hadn't noticed it before while hiking or riding in this area, and hopefully this is just a temporary thing. I wouldn't want to listen to it all night while camping out along the trail.
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