Highway N to Tom Sauk Sept. 20-21, 2014

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Highway N to Tom Sauk Sept. 20-21, 2014

Postby cdatol » Thu Sep 25, 2014 7:24 am

We hiked this route last weekend (Sept. 20-21, 2014). It was our first time to hike Missouri and chose this trail based on the reviews/research that we did. We parked our vehicles at the Tom Sauk trailhead and rented a shuttle to drop us off at Highway N trailhead. IMHO, this is a better route compared to the reverse, since it is sort of anti-climactic to start at the peak (Tom Sauk) and going down. First, I'd like to share our itinerary (note: we live in St. Louis and this was our starting point).

Sept 20
0600 meet up place
0630 leave for Tom Sauk
0830 arrive at Tom Sauk. meet with shuttle provider. leave for Hwy N trailhead (near JSI)
0930 arrive Hwy N trailhead. Start trek
1030 Lunch @ scour (last water source)
1700 eta tom sauk creek. set up camp.
1900 Dinner and Socials
2100 lights out

Sept 21
0600 set up breakfast
0700 breakfast
0800 break camp
0830 start hike to mina sauk falls
1000 eta mina sauk. picture taking. lunch
1100 eta tom sauk mountain trailhead
1200 back to STL.

The trail was nice. No problems whatsoever. There is just a spot somewhere just past the scour creek that we sort of got lost since we didn't see the assurance marker (perhaps we either missed it, or the marker is not there anymore). Anyway, good thing we had our map and our gps so we eventually found our way back to the trail. Other than that, the hike was fantastic. We camped/spent the night near Tom sauk creek (saw about 2-3 good camping spots near the creek). The following day, we continued our hike and arrived at the tom sauk parking lot trailhead around 11 am. We met 2 groups of hikers doing the reverse hike on Saturday. Other than that, we had the trail to ourselves. The trail was just right in terms of difficulty, since we physically prepared for it. Most of us have experienced hiking before, except for a couple, but they had to undergo some training as well (running, biking) to prepare for this trip. Each one brought 5 liters of water, and we got some water from tom sauk creek as well (we brought our filter and boiled them just to be sure). No water falls on mina sauk since it didnt rain the past couple of days.

Over all, the hike was awesome. The weather last weekend was perfect (high of mid 70's, low of mid 60's). No rain. We used Bob of Franklin floats for our shuttle service and we highly recommend him. Just in case you need to contact him, him number is 5737011890. OT was also very helpful in answering my questions about the trail, so kudos to you guys!

Can't wait to do our next hike this October. Probably Haun State or Bell mountain. =)
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