Wappapello - The Southern 6.6 Miles

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Wappapello - The Southern 6.6 Miles

Postby Ron @ Rosie » Wed Sep 17, 2014 3:21 pm

Friday, 9-12-14 My wife and I parked at the 172 TH and went 2 mi. to the Wappapello spur that goes to the lake.This was out and back. Heading from 172 the first hill kind of steep, rocky, and eroded, rutted. The remainder was not bad, thanks to the horse traffic, not hardly any signs, but the trail is well defined. Should not get lost . This section don't get a lot of up keep, so there are a lot of trees across the trail. They have been there a long time as they are mostly rotted. Most are step overs and some walk arounds. Not sure bikes could make it. No water. My wife done as much as she could removing the smaller branch's, which was a lot. We did take count and Between 40 and 45 trees are across the trail. When we got back to 172 we found a young bird dog with light brown and light tan markings. Perfect markings and light brown eyes. She had her right rear toes cut. Maybe a trap. Fed and watered her and left.

Saturday,9-13-14 The dog was waiting for us at 172 TH. Fed and gave her water again. We were heading south to Highway O, About four and a have miles. Again out and back. The dog walked with us the whole way, about 9 miles total. Lot of times on 3 legs. About a third of a mile in there was a electric line, like for houses going through the woods. A telephone post was broke not far from the trail and the wire was hanging over the trail about 20 or 25 feet above. We crossed farm road 3704. Again, most of the trail signs were forest service signs, and a diamond sign once in a while. Horse traffic again made it easy to follow the trail. We also started seeing well made wooden bridges. About 12 feet long and 30 inches wide. They ran along side of the trail. Have no idea why they were there. About have way,farm road 3672 appears. A small pond and a camp site is there. That is the only water on this section.The end of the trail is like no where. The private road with the gate is about 100 yards away from the trail. There is a couple of really old OT signs on the forest service signs. We counted 35 trees across the trail, not all rotted. My wife again moved a lot of stuff off the trail. For the most part hiking this section is like a walk in the woods, with most of the trail on ridge tops in hard wood forests. A fun hike. But its out and back.
We thought we could find a animal shelter for the dog, but no luck.We went back Sunday morning to se if she was still around. We would take her back to Springfield , but she never showed up.

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