Middle Fork @ Karkaghne

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Middle Fork @ Karkaghne

Postby Ron @ Rosie » Mon Jun 04, 2007 6:06 pm

My wife and I parked a truck at the DD trailhead and one at highway 72 and P trailhead. We started backpacking on Thursday May 24 at 2:30 PM from DD on the Middle Fork section. the devastation of the forest from many storms is unreal on almost all of the section. The trail however is in good shape. It is hard to find a place to set up a tent because of the uneven terrain and the storm damage. We set up camp twice on forest roads where it was flater, but rocky. Sat. night, 1:00 AM Sun. morning we were woke up with 1 ATV and we think a motorercycle trying to go farther up the forest road. They were within 10 feet of our tent. No fun. We made one big miscalculation by Neals creek and Bartons Fen, got on a trail of white and yellow flowers, and sad to say I think we walked in part of the Fen. We climbed a metel gate and were back on the trail. We got rained on the second day out, but not bad. We saw 9 people riding south on horses Sat. afternoon. but no one else. I can't even put in words how bad the ticks were. We saw more ticks in three days than we seen in our entire lives. There must be a reason. Sunday we saw 2 groups of people about 9 or 10 in size each group riding horses north bound. We also saw 3 ladies going north. This was on both sections. Monday we were on the Karkaghne. and stopped at Sutton Bluff campground and had lunch and some relaxation. Many campers were leaving the campgrounds heading home. A really nice place. The trail is in good shape for the entire section. The northern two thirds of the trail has got some pretty good hills to climb. The last 4 miles or so is pretty easy. We had some problems finding a place to set up our tent. But we managed.The ticks did not seem as bad as the middle fork section but it may have been because we used a bunch of deet which we hardly ever use. We finished our hike up on Wed. May 30 at 9:40 AM. We did have some rain on Tue. that just came out of nowhere. Got a little wet. The temperature was pretty warm, and we drank lots of water to keep going. Have to be carefull in this heat.
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Postby Ron & Rosie » Tue Jun 05, 2007 11:50 am

I forgot to mention in our trip report that we saw lots of turtles on the trail. We saw eleven one day on the middle fork. Total for both sections was around twenty three. Seen some pretty small guys too. Ron & Rosie
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Postby Hungry Jack » Thu Jun 14, 2007 1:14 pm

Nice report. Thanks for sharing.

My memory is that the best camping on the Middle Fork is west of hiway 49. There are some great spots near Neals, Henderson, Gunstock, and Little Creeks.

Ticks are a major reason why I don't backpack in the midwest until Fall. My summer begins after Labor Day and runs into December as I work my way from upper Michigan to lower Missouri.
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