Blair Creek

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Blair Creek

Postby Forestfairy » Tue May 28, 2013 1:00 pm

I just finished hiking the Blair Creek section of the OTA. My girlfriend and I got a shuttle through 2 Rivers Canoe located on 106 from Eminence 5 miles east to Hy V (they were cheaper than another one, don't remember their name). So, for anyone else who may come after us, they charged $60 ea. (thought that was a little high but the other operation was asking $87 ea. Does this seem high to anyone? Anyway, we started our hike at the junction of Hwy P just south of 72. We hiked 7 miles a day and came out at Powder Mill. We found a few downed trees, one particular one was blocking the view of the turn off a gravel road onto a footpath just after Jim's Creek crossing. This section really has no worries this time of year for water, many spots to draw from so didn't have to carry more than a quart. Not many squitters yet but ticks out and hungry! Great Trail, enjoyed ourselves!
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Re: Blair Creek

Postby Jim » Tue May 28, 2013 5:13 pm

Seems to be the norm down that way or anywhere along the OT. I prefer to chain a couple bikes to a tree - "Self Shuttles".

Hitch hiking might get you a ride...but then it might not.

Sorry to see these consessionaires refusing to offer a reasonable rate.
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Re: Blair Creek

Postby aroth87 » Wed May 29, 2013 2:49 pm

I was out with a friend on the Blair Creek this past weekend as well. The ticks pretty much ruined our trip, we got sick of stopping and picking them off between Harper Spring and Holmes Hollow. We also found lots of downed trees and marked them with a GPS to turn in for a sawyer report. I think we counted over 20, but we didn't finish the whole section. There were a ton of people on ATVs and off road vehicles along Blair Creek and we ended up hitching a ride out after doing almost 19 miles the first day. A combination of exhaustion and dreading more ticks had our spirits pretty low so we called it quits. After having a few friends get really sick from tick-born diseases I've gotten a lot more wary of them. I'm glad you all had fun though!
We drove separately and shuttled ourselves, leaving one car at each end, $60 each sounds ludicrous. I'd rather do an out-and-back than pay that much. Jim, do you have a bike to lend? I don't think my skinny road bike tires would get me very far on a lot of the roads!

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