12/1 Council Bluff and Middle Fork

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12/1 Council Bluff and Middle Fork

Postby Jim » Mon Dec 03, 2012 12:23 pm

Hiked Council Bluff Lake Loop from Enough - Cleared 1 tree.

Hiked Middle Fork - from a fire road at Mile 6. Cleared 2 trees Northbound to MIle 5. Mile 6 is where you will enter the area of the Wildfire burn from last summer. Pretty cool to see. Some OT reassurance markers may need replaced in this area. I replaced two at the crossing.
Hiked Middle Fork - from Hwy 49 Northbound to County Road 73 (CR 73). All Clear.

General trail conditions. Leaf covered, although a defined track along the tread makes it easy to follow. ....Until dark...then...well...keep your eyes on the trail. ;)

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