Powder Mill to Brushy Creek-Almost

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Powder Mill to Brushy Creek-Almost

Postby troop171 » Mon Jul 02, 2012 8:42 pm

Hot, dry and ticky was what we were told to expect. Very appropriate. Had rough stretches, and shortened our hike-but it was great! Shuttled to Powder Mill Trailhead by Brushy Creek Lodge-great hosts-after driving overnight from Pittsburgh with 6 adults (48 to 65) and 6 Scouts (14 to 20). Started 11am, great view at Owl's Bend. Forecast said 98, but cooling through the week (never believe the weatherman). Camped near Little Blair Creek near mile 134. Heard very strange noises across creek-sounded like cats coughing and brush rattling-we are going with Sasquatch on this one. Started the tick picking almost immediately. Aimed for 10 miles next day. Hiked quickly, but due to heat, ended up with hour long breaks. Beautiful scenery, lots of wild flowers, could have used a breeze or two. Camped near Blair Creek between mile 127 and 126. Kids played in the water and ate a mess of crawfish. All splashed around and rinsed out some clothes. Knew we had a long dry day upcoming. Started on long hill (but not too steep). Ate bushels of blackberries along the way, that's why we probably missed the trail turnoff. Fortunately ended up on a road (CR283) that cut off a bit of the trail and got us back on track around mile 124. Ate lunch at a small creek, watered up for the next 5 water free miles. We had figured on getting down to Big Creek for a campsite, but none of the ATV trails on the map seemed to go through until we hit Highway P. Got to the bottom and a Good Samaritan provided us with water and a field to camp in. The next day was going to be another 10 dry hot miles, so we decided for safety. Our new best friend shuttled us back to Brushy Creek for our cars and we spent the next day at Sutton Bluff campground. Got there before noon and spent the day playing in the water and eating more crawfish. Washed out stinky clothes and spent the day napping in the shade and checking out the swimming holes-great! Next day hiked to Bee Fork-great views along the bluffs. Got there around noon-more playing in the water, more crawfish, and more shade hunting. Trail was in great condition-was told it was just mowed or we would have had a mess. Had a party on the beach-this is what we were looking for in the Ozarks. Hiked back out next day. Campmaster Steve told us it was 104 in the shade. Hung out awhile, took showers and headed back to Brushy Creek for a great hot meal and place to stay, then wandered back to Pittsburgh via St Louis and other assorted points of interest. Beautiful hiking, scenery and water sites-but not in the summer! Will be back in the spring next time. Met nothing but great and hospitable people-thanks to all for a memorable trip!
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Re: Powder Mill to Brushy Creek-Almost

Postby mike » Tue Jul 03, 2012 9:06 am

I was wondering if you went ahead with your hike, thanks for the report. The heat has been ferocious as of late and along with the tics can really make you wonder why you're out in the woods. Come back in the late fall, winter, or early spring for a completely different hike.

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