South Trace, Council Bluff, Tiny bit of Middlefork 10/28

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South Trace, Council Bluff, Tiny bit of Middlefork 10/28

Postby deserteagle99uzi » Sat Oct 29, 2011 12:57 am

Today I rode from the Hwy A trailhead up to the Hwy DD trailhead covering the south trace, then I went to Council Bluff and did a loop and back to DD and finally back to hwy A (dropped lunch at DD). CB had maybe 3 branches/trees down total. It was very clear although not FRESHLY blown it was upkept well. The North trace and Middlefork sections were freshly blown and had nothing down at all on them. South trace was another animal entirely.

The whole trail was of course, much less used and worn in. None of the leaves had been blown yet this year and there were at least 15 trees down as well as a couple rootballs that never got fixed. If anyone can make a sawyer run anytime soon it REALLY needs it, particularly the 4 mile section immediately south of where the trail crosses Hwy 32 and 1 mile just north of the Hwy A trailhead. These parts contained almost all the downed trees.

Colors were spectacular this time of year.

Some pictures from my crappy cell phone camera (First 2 are at the Council Bluff Dam and the rest are on top of the ridge overlooking the Hwy A trailhead:

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Re: South Trace, Council Bluff, Tiny bit of Middlefork 10/28

Postby JackW » Wed Nov 02, 2011 9:33 pm

As a former adopter of South Trace (32 to A), I can say that that section of trail was absolutely hammered by the derico in May '09. I personally counted over a hundred downed trees per mile ON the trail. While it was clear last March, it doesn't surprise me that several more trees have fallen since then, especially when you consider the remaining weakened trees saw very hot, drought-like conditions this summer. I'm confident the current adopters and sawyer teams will be out there soon...
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Re: South Trace, Council Bluff, Tiny bit of Middlefork 10/28

Postby Ed Kindley » Thu Nov 03, 2011 11:13 am

You did Trace Creek south of Hwy 32 one day too early (10/29). One of our
OT sawyers sawed that segment on Sun. 10/30, from Hwy 32 down to Hwy A so
for the time being it should be clear of blow-downs/deadfall. However, thanks
for the report. Trail users are our eyes and ears alerting us to trail problems.
Thanks for posting!
Ed Kindley
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