Completion of the Courtois section

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Completion of the Courtois section

Postby Ron & Rosie » Tue Apr 24, 2007 5:27 pm

On Wendsday, April 18 we resumed our hike from Bass River Resort at 1:30 Pm. We did drive our truck to the OT signs from where the trail starts from the road. There is 3 signs which is easy to see. We wanted to make sure we understood the directions this time. Our delema last week when we got on the wrong road is still easy to do. The OT trail sign did get cut down when they trimmed along the roadside and is now a part of the brush. FR 2265 is the right road to go on. From Bass resort, after the low water bridge it looks like a private drive. There is a low sign 2265 just past a short area of concrete. And the wrong road bears to the left up hill. I hope I have not made this so confusing whereas someone else would get lost. We camped just past Harmon spring trail camp that night because the camp was pretty wet from all the rains. The second day we passed the artesian well which is neat. We camped that night just past the Berryman trailhead campground. The third day we made it to Snapps branch and continued up the hill and stayed for the night. Lots of rocks, deadfall, ticks, and some kind of small beatles. And the ground is not real flat. We slept good and had only 3 miles or so to get to Hazel creek campground where our truck was parked. It was 10:30 AM and we went back to Bass resort and decided to enjoy their hosbitality, clean up and spend the night in our tent close to the creek. The next morning before we left to go home we had a nice chat with Stephan Bass. He has been a tremendous help during our encounters with the Courtois section of the OT. We saw only one biker along the way. This is really a good section to hike if you know where your at all the time. The trail is in good shape. On the way back to Springfield we checked out a couple start stop trail heads. The north end of the Middle Fork is easy to find, and has good parking. We hiked the 1.35 miles to the connection with Trace creek and back to the trailhead. We drove to the southern end where it meets up with the Karkaghne section. We drove around for awile looking for the OT. No luck. A gentleman and his 2 kids stopped by the creek we were at while we were studying the maps, and told us where it cross's the gravel road which is CR 836. It is about a mile north from J highway. This is a area that could use some TLC. Not knowing what to do here could be frustrating. The south end, Hiway 74 and P is easy to find. We left our truck there when we hiked Blair creek section, and it was fine.
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