Courtois Berryman CG to Fire Road North of Beecher

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Courtois Berryman CG to Fire Road North of Beecher

Postby Jim » Mon Apr 23, 2007 10:39 pm

Jim, Wendy, Sydney (Now 1) :lol:
Friday 4/20-22/07
Distance - about 11 miles with gravel road loop back.
Berryman CG to fire road south of 2274. (We almost made the entire adopted route). Equipment Failure...more to come.

No route blockage. (One Tree pulled off the trailabout 4.3 miles north of CG -All Clear)
Plenty of water in the creeks along this section.

Camped at Berryman campground....(Busy already with Horses and ATV's. Not sure which was more irritating the Horses baying and the dogs barking or the old fella making a wake up cruise around the campground on his ATV just after daybreak...)

The trail in general looks great for 70, actually better than the interstate system in MO in some areas...

The first major drop in to a creek close to the campground needs some reroute up and out of the creek.

We attempted to drain a couple puddles along the way...just drug the leaf litter aside. Planning to go through a deberm a couple areas soon.

:!: :!: Note - The reroute from last fall looks great...almost didn't recognize it until we strolled through those awesome switches..."smooth and flowing"...its always better downhill. :!: :!:

:wink: Equipment Failure - Well ....I tried here...I sewed my own pack and then I ventured into customization before actually using the pack. I swapped out the pack straps...for a couple of rifle slings, they were comfy...and stretchy....not a good idea when you have overloaded the pack made for one...with gear for 2.5. about a mile into the hike I stopped to clear some trail debris and then hoisted the pack up with one strap...and then...snap...the strap came apart...broke out the duct tape and kept moving....the pack begin to dig and dig and dig into my shoulders...I was compensating for the broken strap and carried the weight to one side....bad idea....turn around go back....nope the trip must go on!

2 miles later....I decided to cut my cheapo sleeping pad into a shoulder pad...more duct tape and off we go....still limping to one side....and its mandatory for gear failures to be at the lowest point in the trail system....its all uphill... We made it to Beacher for lunch...about 4 we left at 10...I was expecting to be here hours earlier...guess the rest breaks were longer than planned...So we decided to camp at the ridge crest above Beecher Rec that last hill is a doozy...
ATV's passed us at the trail crossing.(They headed for Shirley Ridge Road- Very nice people...asked if we knew where we were....) I always know where I am..."Lost". I was fairly comfortable with my map and brick GPS that we were near the end of our trail section.
We decided to follow the fire road to the left and pick a camp site on the ridge. About 1/4 mile south on the fire road we decided to just pick a spot ...daylight was an hour so...I picked a couple trees for the tarp tent...and voila camp was I wish I had a fire ring near here...picked up some wood and bam...right there not 10 feet from the tent was .....You guessed it... a fire ring ...probably 10 years old...just beggin for a cleanin' and a fire. so ....a fire was had...Awesome night....a few whippoorwills and owls...then breezes through the pine tops...and a shooting star...all capped off with a nice cheap Vendage Cabernet...$2.75 Shop-n-save in a 3 glass size collapsable trash(no glass)...very nice LOL.
No barking dogs or ATV's.

Broke camp by 10 and hiked back to the campground via Shirley Ridge road...dropped the broken pack at the fireroad entrance...decided we could make better time with out it...although we did pack the "First Need" water purification system...glad we did...I was thirsty from eatin dust after the first of only a couple trucks I bagged water from the pond just east of the road...purified it and drank down a liter or so only to see a couple horse trailers park at the hill I know why the pond is far we are not sick...LOL guess the filter works...

Ok..So we survived...and the baby...She loved her new ride...Dueter Kid
Comfort III Wendy aka "Baby's SHERPA"....Loved the comfort.
A note about babies on the trail.... Sydney actually slept all night....that is a first!!! Just keep the snacks and drinks flowing and they stay fairly happy. She just loves the outdoors....

:arrow: HIKER NOTE - Berryman General Store has the Best Ham Sandwich, cold Drinks, and pay showers....
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