Karkaghne Section Trip Report

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Karkaghne Section Trip Report

Postby smkybr » Sun Apr 22, 2007 10:52 pm

My wife, Laurel, our dog Cheney and myself hike the Karkaghne Section April 21 and 22. This trip tested our endurance and our pistons (legs)!

We parked one vehicle at the J HWY right of way and the other vehicle at the HWY P/72 trailhead.

This was a nice hike that helped further prepare us for hiking the 485 mile Colorado Trail in June/July.

We encountered two mid-calf deep streams at Brushy Creek and Bee Fork. The concrete bridge at Sutton Bluff was passable and a very relaxing place to rest for a few minutes. The views from the Bluff are absolutely gorgeous! Definitely a WOW spot!

Many streams and springs were running, allowing us to drink straight from them. As a matter of fact, we have drank from many streams from south of Huzzah Creek to this point. We are careful to examine the appearance of the water before we partake! We make sure it is running and not stagnant. This is helping us build up antibodies to resist (Beaver Fever).

Saturday night, we camped at South Branch near the water. This was a pleasant spot to recharge. After building a fire, we "washed" off in the creek--much needed after a long, 15 mile walk. Seemed like it was all UPHILL!

Tick repellent might have been nice, since the ticks are out now. :(

We encountered two turkey hunters on ATV's (road hunting) and they had no idea we were even around. We made some noise so they would know we were hiking. If you hike during Turkey Season, try not to wear blue, red or white as these are the colors of a gobbler's head and vital areas.

Overall, this was an excellent hike for us!

See you on the trail~
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Postby Lightweight Bob » Thu May 17, 2007 6:52 pm

I'm glad to hear that this section was good to you as this is a section that I'd like to hike sometime soon.

I'm a little distressed to hear that you drank straight from the streams though! :shock: Judging from the two points you made about looking at the water's conditions and hoping to develop resistance to Beaver Fever (Giardia), I'd seriously advise you to reconsider doing this. Just because a stream is running in one place doesn't mean that there isn't a stagnant pool somewhere upstream, or that some livestock hasn't defacated in the stream, or that a hiker or swimmer with hepatitis hasn't urinated into the stream. Agricultural run-off makes many streams more likely to grow pathogenic microorganisms and parasites--especially if there are cows (or any other mammals) drinking from the water at any point upstream. Lots and lots of reasons..(you can tell probably that I always treat my own water for "cooties"). I know a guy who drank straight from streams for years...but now he will never do that again. Giardia is not fun to have, according to him. It's also, I'm pretty sure, not something that one can develop any sort of resistance to because it's a protist not a bacterium. The cellular machinery of bacteria is so different from our own that our bodies can recognize them and respond to them relatively easily (relative to something like a protist). Remember that malaria is caused by the Plasmodium protist. I understand that there is a drug to aid with treatment of giardiasis which takes about a week to eradicate the organism, but find yourself on the trail with a developing case of giardiasis, and you may be several days from aid, if you are able to walk that far...there will be a lot of vomiting and diarrhea involved...

There are so many lightweight options for treating water I just can't understand why somebody would take the risk of drinking untreated water. Chlorine dioxide treatments, for example, are tasteless and kill every pathogen the Ozarks has to offer.
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