Onondaga to Bass

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Onondaga to Bass

Postby starski11 » Mon Jun 07, 2010 11:18 am

Onondaga to Bass 5/28/2010-5/30/2010

Camped at Ozark Outdoors on Friday night.

We started out on Saturday morning at the Onondaga Trailhead. Our group consisted of five hikers, four experienced and one rookie. We made good time to over the first five miles to the Courtois. Trail was in good shape. Note all of the caves are closed due to the bat fungus (Can anyone give me a reason why humans are off limits, I have heard no explanation?). We rested, ate a snack and refilled on water at the Courtois crossing. The water crossing was about knee deep (I'm 6'1''). Then we made our way up to the Narrows.

Not a 100 percent sure, but I would say that this is the steepest part of the section. The climb was worth it once we made it to the bluff over look. Could have done without the screaming floaters below, but really no complaints. Then we headed down into the lower narrows. Here we took a detour down a creek to the Huzzah for a swim and a water refill. That night we made another trip down to this creek to refill our water. Poor planning.

It looked a lot closer than it was and not sure if we went to far off trail. What are the guidelines for going off trail? Has anyone posted something to cover this, I really don’t want to trespass. Sorry for going off topic.

After our swim we headed out of the Narrows and found our camp for the night a top a ridge. The night was a little muggy, but no complaints. I did finally get to sleep with the rain fly totally off the Hubba squared, which was nice. One thing I noticed on Saturday night was a weird light flashing in the sky. It was barely noticeable and I was the only one to notice it at first. The sky was clear; no noise after it flashed, no particular pattern and it was the entire sky. Extremely faint. I have been in the outdoors all my 27 years, and never seen anything like this. Any ideas, “heat lightning”?

We finished off the trip on Sunday morning with a 1-hour and 10mins, 3.2 mile power hike out to Bass. Our Rookie didn’t buy the correct gear, learned some lessons and just wanted it to be over. On the last three miles of the trail we did encounter some down trees. I moved what I could off trail. But overall this whole section of trail is in good shape. A lot more water sources on this section than noted. That being said we have had a lot of rain and I could see these sources drying up quickly without rain.

The Meramec River was staged at 2.8ft @ Steelville when we crossed the Courtois on the 29th. Does anyone have the river levels of the Meramec when the Courtois would be flooded or impassable? I know it’s not exact, but it might help to judge if someone would want to take this route.

Weather 87/56 on 5-29-10. No rain, low humidity.
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