Stompin' Through Blair Creek

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Stompin' Through Blair Creek

Postby riverchampion » Sun Mar 28, 2010 9:45 pm

This was the first time I have been on the trail since last September. I started around noon Friday at the junction of county road 235 and highway P. I made it far enough to see Blair Fen and the waterfall that day. Shortly after that, I decided to call it a day and camped out in the Pioneer Forest. It was very cold that night with clear skies. That morning's breakfast and coffee did my heart good, as I was chilled right to the bone. I started my second day around 8 am and got most of my miles that day. There was so much more to see here than I thought, and the terrain was a challenge! I climbed some real butt kick'n hillsides getting out of the Pioneer Forest, and then through some ridges. It was 6:30 by then, and it was too late to finish. I setup camp for my second night somewhere near Little Blair Creek. It was perfect timing too! Just as soon as I set up my shelter a thunderstorm hit with lightning so bright you could see daylight. I was testing all new gear on this trip. I am sure glad it held up! The wind was strong, and it rained hard. At least I wasn't cold, and I stayed dry! I finished my journey at 11 am Sunday along the Current River bluffs. The picture taking was excellent. Everything had a different look and feel after a hard rain. I had a blast!

The trail was pretty easy to follow, but there was some confusing parts from Jim's Creek all the way to the "wet" crossing of Blair Creek. Some of the trees are down, and it was quite a tangle. The trail is still marked pretty good through these areas, and it is still possible to find your way. There is a lot of this trail that has been maintained recently too, it looks like. I don't think the path has seen much action since the closure. Thanks to all the people who worked this trail to open it back up
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