North Fork

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North Fork

Postby Ron & Rosie » Wed Mar 17, 2010 5:25 pm

We completed the North Fork section on Sun. Mon. 3-14 3-15- 2010. Started late Sunday morning from the Pomona trailhead heading for Blue Hole, or AP trailhead. Distance around 11 miles. Hiked for about 5 miles and set up camp. Cloudy and drizzle all day but not enough for rain gear. Monday we took our time breaking camp after a great nights sleep, and got to AP trailhead mid afternoon. We did not see anyone the entire time. We did see some signs of horse use mostly on Sunday. I expected to see more. The trail is fine and is in good condition. A lot of the trail follows ATV trails which are also in good condition. The trail is passable all the way for the 11 miles. Real easy to follow the trail and has plenty of OT signs the entire way. The Pomona parking lot is not in very good condition. The AP trailhead, or Blue Hole is excellent. Paved with plenty of parking space, and room for trailers. I am not sure about water sources year around, but we managed fine with 2 quarts each, and never stopped for a watering hole. We completed the remainder of the North Fork, a couple years ago, and it gets into the wilderness area without any signage. We used map, compass, and help from the local horseman. Ron & Rosie
Ron & Rosie
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Re: North Fork

Postby GeorgeSims » Thu Mar 25, 2010 10:09 am

Ron & Rosie,

Come on down and do the remainder again, from AP south. Several of us have adopted those sections in the past year, and I'd like to know what you think.
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Re: North Fork

Postby Chads93GT » Fri Mar 26, 2010 2:34 am

I was just on the north fork about 2 weeks ago from the Devils Backbone trailhead up to the Blue Hole Trailhead (almost). I actually didn't make it all the way as I was hiking after working in the area and I killed about an hour and a half trying to find Tabor Cave, which I eventually found and got a GPS location for. I could hear the traffic, I was just getting to the point where it was going to be dark for most of the hike back if I didnt turn around. Anyway this sectoin of the trail was well marked, lots of horse tracks and ............ guano ;).

Last fall I hiked the devils backbone wilderness trail not knowing it was part of the OT, until I found the OT trail head 2 weeks ago. There were NO trail markers at all on the devils backbone trail, the loop nor the actual OT section. I ended up finishing both of these hikes with the last hour being pitch dark and hiking with my headlamp and GPS. The backbone part was, eehhh. I liked the part from backbone north up to blue hole though. I did 11 miles that afternoon after work total. Cool place. I guess working in west plains from time to time does have its benefits.
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Re: North Fork

Postby Coldspring » Sat Mar 27, 2010 4:25 pm

I'm not a caver, but I crawled back in Tabor Cave, several years ago. I can't seem to remember if it went very far...I crawled back maybe 100 feet and it was really small, I think it actually ended there. It wasn't very interesting, just a hole. I've heard that Blue Hole Cave goes back a long ways, so far that you can hear chickens crowing through a sinkhole opening, this is a second hand story, FWIW. :wink:
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