Courtois thru Huzzah CA

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Courtois thru Huzzah CA

Postby GrantTheDad » Wed Sep 30, 2009 9:37 am

Hello everyone! I don't hike in summer anymore and I haven't been to the forum since April. The whole world has changed since then!

Once again, I invite 40 people to go hiking and I end up with just me and my 10-year-old son Mason. So, we were planning an out and back (hike 14 miles, get credit for 7). I saw that the event at Bass's was full, but I thought it would be nice to at least be in the neighborhood and we hadn't hiked anything north of the gap yet.

We started out at the North Huzzah TH and made good time. The trail is in good shape. One funny thing--the Conservation Department has put in these little benches every so often. Just two posts with a plank on top--perfect for sitting with your pack on!

As I have walked this trail over the years, I have marvelled at the flora I have seen that I never knew existed, especially the fungi. I have seen every color and shape, but I saw a new one this time. This looked like a piece of ice on the ground. It was milky translucent and spiky like a frost formation. Actually, it looked like a fist sized piece of crushed ice dropped from an ice chest; however, it jiggled when poked. Gelatinous, but looks like ice...weird!

As the trail headed south we heard thunder on one side and chainsaws on the other. The event must have been going great. We kept looking at our compasses, hoping the rain would miss us to the north, but it didn't. The trail descends to Courtois Creek and follows the base of the bluff before reaching the campground and the crossing. It started raining as we were on this part, sheltered by the overhanging bluff. We had planned to take a lunch break at the creek anyway and we came across another bench--this one a regular bench with a back. We dropped our packs and ate our lunch and watched the storm blow through, completely dry under the bluff. Perfect timing! We didn't hear the chainsaws anymore.

We crossed the creek and headed up over the Narrows. I've got to give credit to Mason for doing this 2 miles uphill without complaining (much). We talked about the historical significance of this area where Union soldiers made over sixty miles in 36 hours with the Confederates hot on their trail from Fort Davidson to Leasburg after the Battle of Pilot Knob.

We camped near the Narrows Road TH and had a beautiful night. Next day we made our way back. As we crossed the creek, we met some people who had been at the event and were headed the other way across the creek. It was nice to meet you all and yes, you're right. After 190 miles on the trail it's time for me to give back!

As we looped along the road on the way back looking for Scotia Furnace (which we never found) we met some other people who had been at the event. In all the time I have been on the trail I have never met any of the OTA folks before.

We are looking forward to our next hike in November!
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Re: Courtois thru Huzzah CA

Postby Ed Kindley » Wed Sep 30, 2009 8:52 pm

Hey Grant-the-Dad:
still time to sign up for our next big OTA Mega trail-build event, Sat. Oct. 24th; meet at
the Bass Resort around 8:30am. You'll get a chance to met scads more of us OT folks and
you and son will be heartily welcomed! Sack lunch provided for work-site lunch, and big
BBQ at the end of the workday (work ends about 3pm, BBQ at 5pm). Come on down and
become a part of a really fun, family-oriented event! We'd love to have you!
Ed Kindley
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Re: Courtois thru Huzzah CA

Postby aroth87 » Wed Sep 30, 2009 9:06 pm

Ed beat me to it! I was going to suggest the exact same thing.

Just look at the photos I posted and tell me it doesn't look like a fun time :P .

My Photos

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Re: Courtois thru Huzzah CA

Postby Ed Kindley » Thu Oct 01, 2009 12:53 pm

Hey Adam:
tried to email you but apparently have an old address; could you email me your current one.
emial me at :
also from the pics you posted on Flick'r could you email me #25 and #50? Would really
appreciate it! Ed
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