Eleven Point Section

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Eleven Point Section

Postby gbeavers » Wed Apr 29, 2009 8:48 pm

Hiked the EPS last weekend beginning on the west end traveling east the full trail. Dogwoods were in full bloom and the wildflowers were great. The views along this section of the trail are incredible. The trail is in good condition, however, there are several large trees down in a few places. The trail is mapped well and was also marked well for the most part; as usual, there was some difficulty determining where the trail leaves some old logging roads. Looking forward to hiking the Taum Sauk Section in Oct.
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Re: Eleven Point Section

Postby Ed Kindley » Thu Apr 30, 2009 1:12 pm

HI GBEAVER: we've had sawyers on the EP2 segment within the last week. Do you happen
to remember where the downed trees were, so we can update our sawing "to do" list? Would
be greatly appreciated! We rely on trail users to be our eyes and ears for things that need
doing. Thanks for your report.
Ed Kindley
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Re: Eleven Point Section

Postby lace_em_up » Sat May 02, 2009 10:01 am

If you sawed on EP2 last week, you may have gotten most of it. The heaviest concentration was between Devil's Backbone and the Eleven Point River. If I recall correctly, there were more trees down from the backbone to Becky Hollow than there were along the Hollow to the river. Other than that, we encountered only the occassional fallen tree.

We first stopped for water just west of the switchbacks prior to FR 3173, but this was standing water and may not be there in dry weather as most of the creekbed was dry despite recent rains. We didn't find water again until just before Bockman Spring, which was a great camping place. Watching a bue-grey gnatcatcher bring food back to the nest, and then later watching the bats come out of the cave at the spring, kept us entertained. Water on the balance of the trail was not a problem, especially the farther east that we travelled.

The only place we lost the trail was cresting the ridge around N36 49.6 & W91 26.4. We followed a logging trail for a while before getting back on track. Otherwise, trail marking was in great shape.

We opted for the river route over the ridge route. It was very scenic and allowed access to the river for a time. The only place we encountered significant portions of thick sand on the route was just west of Greer. After that, there were just a few isolated sections.

We shuttled vehicles between the trailheads using the following post from Coldspring with no problems at all. It took about 45-50 minutes to travel.

Probably the best shuttling route is to travel from the FS RD 3152 TH west to Hwy 19, then take a north on Hwy 19, go 5-6 miles to FR 3174, it should be the first "major" gravel north of the turnoff to McCormack Lake. Take FR 3174 west for several miles, you will come to a crossroads with several houses, take a left and go south on FR 3173. FR 3173 will travel south for a few miles then turn west, crossing through the Spring Creek drainage, then a few more miles to the road that the trailhead is on. This is FR 4155, and last I checked it had a small sign with an OT marker. The TH is .8 miles down this road. Of course you could take highways and go through Alton, or Winona and Birch Tree, and then you will have to find the gravel road to the western TH, I believe it is CR 99-430.

Thanks to all who keep the trails in such great condition!
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