Current River - April

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Current River - April

Postby John » Thu Apr 12, 2007 8:55 pm

Here are two trip reports I received from recent hikes on the Current River section.

"Patrick and I (from Indiana) had a great time on our hike. It proved to be just what we were looking for. We were impressed with the scenery throughout the trip. It was a challenging but rewarding trail. "

And from a group of 7 students from Wisconsin:
"We hiked from south to north on the Current River Section of the Ozark Trail, which was about 30 miles. We camped at Mint Spring, Prichard Hollow, Rocky Falls and some random camp site with a picnic table near a gravel bar on the Current River. We saw a few snakes, several lizards (including what we think was a collared lizard), lots of squirrels, a turtle, a pileated woodpecker, a few hawks, a few cardinals and some other random birds. We also befriended a 'rat terrier' by Klepzig Mill and couldn't get the Salem animal shelter to take it, so we brought it back to Wisconsin. We were able to find a good home for him with the parents of one of the girls on our trip.We had a really great time and the trail was in good shape. Occasionally we would lose the trail. We would look around and realize that we hadn't seen one of the little 'OT' signs on the trees for a while. Some sections were not marked as well as others, which was especially a problem where the trail was not obvious. The northern portion of the trail is the best! This was mostly due to the fact that the northern half is all along rivers. However, the southern half is nice too and well worth the trip. We didn't run into any other hikers the whole time we were on the trail. The Ozark Trail association is a great resource to plan a trip or just get great information and advice. Overall, It was a great trip!"

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