Between the Rivers March 28-31

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Between the Rivers March 28-31

Postby Sara » Wed Apr 01, 2009 8:10 pm

We backpacked from Highway 60 to Greer over four days this past weekend. John Roth told us he hoped it would rain, and it did, so there was quite a bit of water flowing. Except for some sprinkles Tuesday morning, we never had to hike in the rain, though. It rained Saturday morning before we started, Saturday evening/early Sunday morning, and early Tuesday morning. We even got some sleet or snow Saturday evening, but it was light and only lasted a few minutes. Richard's Canoe shuttled us to the 60 trailhead and then took our car to Greer. We've been on the Eleven Point section plenty of times before, but thought it would be better to have the car at Richard's than to leave it at the 3152 trailhead for four days.

There are several sinkholes near the trail in the northern part, although only one is on the map. It was very obvious since it had three streams of water flowing in, and none flowing out. The trail also passes right by a pond that looks like a sinkhole, since its sides are the same height as the surrounding ground. We also went slightly out of our way to find another sinkhole that is on the map near Highway J. It was pretty big and had some standing water in the middle of it. And there are a bunch of man-made ponds along the trail as well, more than I can remember on any other section.

We had a lot of rock-hop crossings, and two wet crossings at Big Barren Creek and Cedar Bluff Creek. Goldmine Hollow is really nice, too bad the trail skips most of it. We left the trail when we saw a spring with a rectangular rock basin on the eastern end, and followed the road that runs through the hollow until it met up with the trail a ways downstream. We found two more springs, one with a cement basin and a spout, and another really pretty one that is a deep turquoise pool against the base of a small bluff. Also found one little morel mushroom, but no gold or goldmines. The waterfall in Wilderness Hollow was just a trickle when we got there on Monday, but probably would have been nice a day or two before, right after the rain.

We saw ducks on four different bodies of water along the way, also two deer, a turkey, and a couple of great blue herons on Hurricane Creek. When we were almost to the 3152 trailhead, we met a backpacker headed the opposite direction. He said the upper route of the Eleven Point east of Greer is "a mess". The lower route is a lot more scenic, so we were already planning to go that way anyway, and it's in great shape. There are a lot of trees down on most of the Between the Rivers section, even though a lot have been sawed recently.

Overall, a great trip. I can see why this section is not considered one of the "best", but we really enjoyed it. It might be different with very little water flowing, but it was great last weekend.
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