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Postby Ron & Rosie » Thu Apr 12, 2007 7:13 pm

My wife and I started at the Huzzah conservation area north trailhead- north terminus, Easter Sunday at 4:00 PM. Our daughter and her boyfriend shuttled us from Hazel Creek campgrounds. We had problems finding the Hazel Creek start point. We did not drive far enough on county road 657. We left our truck there and rode north. We hiked to Huzzah conservation camp area where we camped for the night. We did see one snake about two miles from the start. He left us alone and we left him alone. It got real cold that night. Frost everywhere, and ice in all of our drinking containers. The water crossing is just past the camp area. It was about forty feet across and cold. There were some spots that were knee high deep. We hiked to Bass canoe outfitters resort and campground and stayed there for the night. This place is magnificant. Its big and beautiful. Everbody we came into contact with was great. The third day we headed for what we thought was going to be Harman spring trail camp. There has been a lot of trimming along most of the roads and a lot of trees have been recently cut down. And possisbly the green and white OT marker. So we hiked up the road and hill that we thougt we supposed to. Even if we missed the trail sign, we would run across the trail again. We were on the wrong road, which also runs in an easterly direction. We stopped twice at homes and got directions, that we did not fully comprehend. The directions were good, we just did not understand them. We went about six miles on the wrong road. Then the rain started and kept raining. At that point we decided the best thing we could do is hike back the gravel road to Bass outfitters campground. If it got dark we would at least be on a road that we knew where it was going. About two miles from the camp we flagged down a car going the opposite direction, and that very kind gentleman gave us a ride back to the camp. We hiked really hard all day on gravel roads, and it was getting close to 5:00 PM. We were exausted so we decided to get one of there cabins, rather then set up a tent in the rain and have everything wet. The next morning we decided that the weather was not going to get any better and the smart thing was to shuttle back to our truck at hazal creek, go home, rest, recooperate, and come back in a few days to complete our journey. Bass canoe outfitters was kind enouph to shuttle us back to our truck. They also have told us how to get to the OT from where they are at. This will become a 50 mile trek by the time we get done, but it is well worth it. By the way, before we got lost, the hike was great, and very impressive. Really a nice hike. We will certainly finish the last thirty miles soon.
Ron & Rosie
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Postby aroth87 » Thu Apr 12, 2007 8:15 pm

Good to know I'm not the only one! I did just about the same thing a couple of weeks ago, apart from getting a little turned around. I got past Bass River the first day but turned around (due to weather and morale) and hitched a ride back to my car from the owner there. He's a pretty nice guy isn't he :). That road walking wasn't much funny for you either, huh?

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Postby John » Thu Apr 12, 2007 8:34 pm

I just called Nazarenko at the US Forest Service. We're going to go out there tomorrow and plant a better sign where the trail comes in off the gravel road. There really is a signpost there, but it has a wee-little OT marker and is easy to miss (I know where it is and I miss it all the time).

Nazarenko will look at his sign inventory to see if he has a big "TRAIL" sign. If he does, we'll plant that. Otherwise we'll put in a couple of Carsonite posts with lots of OT stickers.

One way or another we'll make it easy to find the trail entrance. Many apologies.

On another note: we start construction of new trail in that area soon, hopefully this fall. Wonderful trail, new trail head parking... you'll like it.
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