Bell Mountain, South Trace & Middle Fork

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Bell Mountain, South Trace & Middle Fork

Postby John » Mon Mar 23, 2009 8:28 pm

A group of four hikers from Kentucky emailed me this report-- J.

I just wanted to thank you for your recommendation of the Ozark trail trip. I also want to thank you for recommending us to Brushy Creek Lodge, they took AMAZINGLY good care of us when we got off the trail, we were all extremely impressed with it. Amy was really nice when we got there, she let us fill water bottles, and get all ready and took us up to the trailhead pretty quickly when we were ready. When we got back she let us shower, offered us towels and soap...we just couldn't believe it. But the trail was GREAT, the weather held out for us to the end, we were all extremely pleased with it. Thanks a lot for your time and advice, and we look forward to coming back soon.
-- Scott C.

Thank you for the suggestion of the trail, it was beautiful and very will maintained. The Brushy Creek lodge and staff were magnificent and I as well as the folks who went with me this past week were very well taken care of. The facilities were great and towels and soap were provided at no charge. We had a very good trip. Just thought I would contact you about the experience and I definitely recommend any trail going to Brushy Creek Lodge.

Thanks, Russell R.
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