Middlefork DD to Brushy Lodge

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Middlefork DD to Brushy Lodge

Postby Jim » Mon Jun 30, 2008 9:54 am

Several trees over the length of the trail maybe a half dozen or so that will require a sawyer. Locations...? Some where on the trail. I suck because I forgot my maps!

Nate - Your Mowing is awesome!!! I bet you wished somebody would lop that section for ya first...those briars are mean. Several of the old clear cut areas are in dire need of lopping. the trails are closing off in those sections. Its still easy enough to follow, but take a stick for beatin the clingin' vines.

Only one area with damage...last gravel crossing Southbound before Hwy J. The horses are now the culprit, first it was the ATV's now the horses have it post holed and mudddddyyyyy!!!!! Yuck... :evil: if its makin noice while you ride ...turn around and go the stables!!!! :evil:

Trail maint performed...about 1 hour of moving some of the deadfall.
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