Irish Wilderness Whites Creek

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Irish Wilderness Whites Creek

Postby n3870v » Tue Jun 06, 2017 10:14 am

Had to get out this past weekend before it gets really hot.

Hiked the southern route of the Irish Wilderness. Spent the night at Fiddler Spring, (great source of cold water) and wondered around the cave area at Whites Creek for awhile. Funny sign posted at the cave that it is scheduled to reopen in May of 2021!!

There are lots of obvious signs of major flooding that took place back in April along the creek. The trail crosses the creek several times, and it is a little of a challenge to pick the trail back up. Lost it one time for a while, but turned on the GPS and was able to back track to pick up the trail again.

The southern portion of the trail has several large trees down, but that is probably normal for a Forest Service trail. I know they don't get much attention. The trail down in the creek area is heavily overgrown in several spots. Had to wear my rain pants on the hike out due to the overgrown brush, and because it rained during the night. Plus it would help in keeping the ticks off.

The ticks were absolutely overwhelming. I lost count as to how many I pulled off while hiking. Woke up twice in the night due to itching and pulled two more off. Pulled more off at a gas station on the way home, and a bunch more showering at home. All different sizes, seems there were more of the small seed ticks than the big ones. Never seen so many. They were crawling up our legs just sitting around in our chairs at the fire pit!!

The afternoon temp was about 80 and cloudy. It started raining about 9:00 PM, but not thunder or lightning, just rain. A whippoorwill started around 8:00pm, but his concert ended when it started raining

The only disappointment on the hike was due to inconsiderate hikers that left trash in several spots on the trail. It had to be all from the same group, cause all the water bottles had the same labels on them. They also left their food packaging on the ground. There were 3 spots where they decided to take a brake, eat, drink and leave their trash on the ground. I picked up their trash and was able to squeeze it between my back pack and the rain cover that I put over it. Absolutely unbelievable that anyone would leave their trash on the ground.

The Irish wilderness is such a beautiful area, and it is very remote. I enjoy its solitude the most.

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