Most of Between the Rivers

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Most of Between the Rivers

Postby cgrantmaledy » Sat Apr 15, 2017 11:38 pm

We dropped my car at the hwy 60 trailhead, then dad drove me to the Sinking Creek Tower trailhead. Image

The first 1.5 miles isn't my adopt-a-trail section, but I wanted to show him the tower house, so we went there. The first 6-ish miles I've done before, but Cotham pond is much fuller than I last saw it. I saw a big turkey somewhere between 4822 and Milligan Spring.

It's worth saying at this point, if you like dogwood trees, stop what you're doing and drive to southern Shannon county. Right now. They're ALL in bloom. there are a ton of wild lilly/orchid looking things, too, and some other pretty flowers I don't know what to call, but the dogwoods are out of control.

There's plenty of water around, everything marked as having water and then some. I boogied along and had lunch at Spring Hollow, then filtered water at what appears to be Barren Creek. I'm kind of surprised that this isn't listed as a water source, I waded thigh deep through it before filtering.

When I got to Devil's Run, I was somewhat surprised at the lack of water, since everything else had been running. There was some water in pools between miles 8 and 7, and that's what I ended up filtering. Big up to whomever left me a nice fire ring and some dry pine to burn next to two sturdy pines to hang my hammock from. Super dope campsite in a N-S valley, twilight lasted a long time (which I dig) and dawn didn't assault me (another great point).

In the morning I packed up and headed north. Saw about four deer and a lizard, and not a sounder, sow or hog. I also didn't see anything I'd describe as signs of feral hogs as previously reported on this section. I did see some big trees down. Very nice hiking through some big stands of pine, until you drop into Wildhorse Hollow, which is super great hiking if you like leaf covered baseball-softball sized rocks. Another instance in which I was surprised by the lack of water in pools or running, this whole holler was dry.

They weren't kidding when they named it Skyline Drive. At the time, I assumed I was just tired, but when I looked at the elevations tonight, I realized it was the second highest point I'd passed (after Sinking Creek tower itself) all trip. Nice drop down the far side and quick roll up to the car. I was eating cheeseburgers at Jollycone in Van Buren by 1:30.

All in all, a super dope section of the OT, would highly recommend you run it the same direction I did, as the campsites/water made more sense to me that way (also the prevailing winds, but whatever you're into). Next time I think I'm going to do the 4822-Sinking Creek and drop my hammer/clippers/signs, then continue to the western terminus, but we'll see! I may do Blair creek instead.
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