Current River South (miles 15-30)

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Current River South (miles 15-30)

Postby JenD » Mon Mar 06, 2017 9:43 am

We ran out and back on the southern half of the Current River Section from HWY 60 on Saturday, March 4. At the Pike Creek crossing 2 miles in (mile 28), the trail is a little overgrown with briars. It doesn't look like this trail has had a lot of use, but it is easy to follow with all of the OT markers. There are a few trees down here and there, but nothing that isn't easy to step over or around. The trail is generally in good shape and very well marked for the first 10 miles to the southern edge of Peck Ranch.

The trail through Peck Ranch is not as easy to navigate. There are more briars and down trees in this area. We lost the trail a couple of times, but only briefly. While the trail is not as well marked and maintained as the rest of the Current River section, you can still rely on seeing an OT marker pretty regularly. We knew when we didn't see a marker after several minutes that we had lost the trail and were able to get back on course easily with a little backtracking. It looks like the trail has been recently re-routed around miles 17-19 and is now located on the opposite side of the pond compared to what is indicated on the OTA maps.

The pond in Peck Ranch contained good clear water that we filtered to refill our packs. It was a warm day and we found our first tick of the season there at the pond. Mint Spring and Pike Creek also had good clear water.
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