DD/32 Middle Fork Parking Alert

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DD/32 Middle Fork Parking Alert

Postby Jim » Mon Feb 22, 2016 9:01 pm

A teammate had his windows broken so they could steal his clothing. They grabbed his duffle bag from the backseat.

The Sheriff was called from Iron County - He said the area is USFS law enforcement but he showed up as the Fed was in Salem.

He stated he has been sheriff for 5 years or so and never has issues there....but one walk around the parking lot will prove different. Lots of broken auto glass.

Hwy DD and Hwy 32 trail head parking is not very safe for parking anymore.

2 other cars including mine was in the lot at the time with no issues.
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Re: DD/32 Middle Fork Parking Alert

Postby DirtRoadRunner » Tue Feb 23, 2016 3:00 pm

That is unfortunate, but not surprising - DD/32 is a perfect place of a smash-and-grab - no witnesses, no nearby law enforcement, and a empty highway to quickly disappear on.

Anyone who parks there is best off to take all valuables out of their car. In that area I typically park on other nearby forest service or county roads (not visible from the highway), but often leave any valuables at home or take them with me when I hit the road/trail. No issues yet, but I typically only do day rides and day hikes around there.
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